Self-Love Sunday: Look Around You


There are so many of us that have the opportunity to be happy and we never take those chances. I remember waiting around to be fulfilled by the people I poured my all into. After realizing that people will pour their all into just about whatever makes them happy even if it isn’t me, I knew I had to make some changes. Don’t wait for the situation or the people to change. If you aren’t getting the results you need to feel alive, then go the other way. I feel like we are constantly tested. Every day we are reminded of our worth and to be sure we know how valuable we truly are. The question is, when the opportunity presents itself for us to prove our worth are we taking it?

I had to look around and realize that I am worth all that I desire. There is no such thing as asking for too much or requiring too much. Most do not have the capacity to love or give the way you need to be loved and given to. It’s life! I’ve learned to not hold onto to what drains me and just work on filling myself up. There are moments where my mind drifts back to all of the what ifs, but shortly after I am reminded of the what went wrongs and snap back into reality. The truth is, we may not always get what we want, from where/who we want it to come from, but we are getting it. Don’t miss out on the size of your blessings worried about how it’s being supplied to you.

Things fall through, people fail you. The thing to always remember is where would you be without the people who held you when all else fell through? Yesterday my thoughts reverted back to the past and then I suddenly had to catch myself. There are no wonderings of what may have been or even where they are, they are gone and that’s frankly what’s most important. Can’t dwell on what no longer exist. I smiled at who was there and felt at ease. There will never be a time that God takes from you and doesn’t refill your space with more than enough. The problem is we focus on what we aren’t getting from what’s gone and it stops us from getting what is right in front of us. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be loved. Take chances for you. Give you what you need and all else will fall into place. Don’t wonder about what’s gone. Just have faith that it’s gone for a reason.

The lesson for today is look around you. Stop and take inventory of who and what you have. If you are presently breathing, there is room for you to give yourself what you need. You don’t need others to validate you or fill you up to the brim. That’s what self-love is for. Be kind to you. More importantly, be kind to the people that are around you, who have been around and never forsaken you. Appreciate their generosity and gratitude. Value their desire to see you happy and smiling. Appreciate their existence because they are the ones who held you up when you were down in those darkest places. So before you get to looking back and wondering about what’s gone, take account of what’s already there. Look inward and around you. If you could get what you needed from what’s gone, you’d have it and it would still be. Have an amazing day. Off to brunch to celebrate those that are still down and around!

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Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


4 thoughts on “Self-Love Sunday: Look Around You

    1. I still may very well be at the unravelling stages of a very toxic situation so I get it. I think what you said is right, when you love yourself your world just falls into place. I’m a firm believer that we set the standards for ourselves. It’s just best to all of what you deserve or nothing. Thank you for reading, check out your post NOW! xoxo.

  1. Hello!
    You just dont know how much your blog has helped me out. I am on it everyday due to me starting my self love journey. I love everything about it. Also get some fashion tips as well. Do you know when your going to update Self-Love Sundays again?

    1. Hi Ebonne, thank you so much for your love and support. I’m happy to be apart of your self love journey and will to share words to help you through it gracefully. I would like to start updating again soon. It’s just so hard because I feel like I run out of subjects. Is there anything in particular that you’d like for me to write about for self-love Sunday? I’d be happy to.

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