Why The Internet Won’t Let Women Win As A Unit

Today has been by far one of the most annoying days online in a very long time. I thoroughly enjoy spending my off days doing nothing, scrolling my social media feeds because on a day off life holds no real importance for 24 hours. I found myself logging off twitter and Instagram all day. I resulted to Tumblr and Pinterest because I couldn’t shake the madness of this Amber Rose x Kardashian feud. Arguably, I feel like anytime there is an issue to address it on twitter, celebrity or not it’s tasteless. While Khloe may have been in the wrong to address the situation on twitter, firing back online is just as wrong. I was always taught that two wrongs don’t make a right.

Here is why today annoyed the shit out of me… (I drop a lot of curse words below, but excuse me I had to get my point across.)

Any other time we express all day long about the importance of building each other up. We discuss unity and uplifting and empowering each other, but yet the moment two women decide to go for each other’s throats publicly we entertain it? There’s so many red flags and problems in this situation and I don’t even know where to begin. We are going to put the age difference aside with Kylie and her boyfriend and just really shed light on how people all over the world condone the tasteless behavior online all day. (No I’m not condoning that at all btw) Meme’s were made, tweets were shared and there was slander all across the board. I’m going to be honest, all these women involved have some sort of issues. Nobodies past is perfect. If they are stripping at 15, dating older men while under aged, or collecting checks from a sex tape that was released without their consent… Let’s be honest, wrong is wrong. Dating a grown man before you’ve graduated high school is wrong, yes! But, stripping at the age of 15 is also wrong. I don’t give a damn if you grew up in poverty or not, nothing about that is acceptable I don’t care how it’s justified, it can’t be. The thing that bothers me is whether Kylie grew up privileged or Amber grew up struggling, how does that make either of the two better than each other? They’re BOTH WRONG!

What baffled me is how a whole day was spent condoning these women’s distasteful behavior. We celebrated as names were called, deep routed family secrets were brought to the drama etc. Like on what planet is it cool to tap dance on ones misery and get a comical high from their insecurities? Prime example of why women have issues coexisting as is. We shame people, bash them and when they do things to correct who they are. Then turn around and shame them for wanting to perfect their insecurities. I guess we don’t think that way because at the time the shit is funny and it’s entertainment. In reality, it’s sickening. It’s disheartening to watch women stab each other in the back over men who aren’t worth fighting over. Even worse, going at each other while airing out dirty laundry for the sake of a few retweets and likes. To keep it real, the fuel continued because it was entertained and was egged on by others.

It’s crazy to me that as on lookers, many of us are celebrating their foolery and actively supporting two women rip each other to shreds. While everyone may not agree with my opinion (frankly I don’t care if you do or don’t) we need to do better. The media jumps on stories such as this. They report it and constantly spread updates which keeps the fuel going. And all day long all we see is women against each other. We support the division of women, but complain how we don’t support each other enough. That’s so crazy to me! Magnifying another woman’s insecurities when we all are fighting battles of our own is sad. You know how much better this world would be if we took stock and inventory of our own shit before we started pointing other peoples out? Or better yet, if we proceeded in helping each other instead of shaming and name calling. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never seen the significance in tearing another woman apart because I am no better than she is by doing so. I can’t pretend my shit is flawless, but I won’t down talk another woman either and attempt to appear superior. That’s lame!

Like how are we finding humor and satisfaction in hatred, bitterness and celebrating another woman’s insecurities? I don’t care too much about celebrities, but it’s a big reflection of what goes on in the world today with regular ass people who lack celebrity status. I can’t sit around and support change and want to be advocate for self-love and promoting women supporting each other, but sit around and entertain women disrespecting each other. Some may feel there’s a difference, but it really isn’t. We spend so much time glorifying our hate for certain people and why we dislike them, but I don’t care who you are, if you’re not empowering others and you’re using your platform to undermine other women you’re weak, period! I’ve been bullied, I’ve been talked about and the shit isn’t fun. I also haven’t always been the receiver, I’ve been the deliverer of the nonsense too. And at the end of it all, when all the gossip is spread I am still the same person. After expressing my dislikes for another woman my bitterness goes from 0-100 real quick. Letting my insecurities mold my life was NEVER successful for me. We are still who we are before we dislike someone, after we express our dislikes and while they carry on with their lives. I said all of that to say, we gotta do better as people, as WOMEN. We have to learn to stop supporting the wrong things. No matter a woman’s background or history we have to stop considering its cool to talk down on her. If there’s nothing nice to be said why say it? Hate is hate, no matter how you roll it out and serve it, it’s all HATE. It’s ugly, it’s not ladylike. No matter how gorgeous of a woman you are the moment you degrade another woman you’re diminishing your own beauty. Can we focus more on spreading light and positivity and stop magnifying all this hatred? I just want to see everybody win and we never will secretly hoping to see each other fail and clawing each other eyes out. Everyday this internet shit stops us from winning as a unit and because you find it entertaining you allow it. We sit and watch, laugh and point at the expense of another woman being tormented and hated. When did that become cool? Don’t worry I’ll wait… Real women uplift and empower each other, all that other BS is for the birds.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


5 thoughts on “Why The Internet Won’t Let Women Win As A Unit

  1. I will say that I made a comment specifically about Kylie and Tyga’s relationship due to the significant age difference but I know essentially that it is not my place to meddle in the business of others. The thing about other people is that no matter how wrong we may think they are, they are under ZERO obligation to live life on OUR terms. I had to log off of twitter yesterday because I kept seeing so many different negative tweets about Amber Rose’s past, Kim and Khloe. It was beginning to be too much. Everything that you said in this post summed of how I was feeling and I applaud you for speaking up against the foolery of yesterday.

    1. I agree 100% that dating her is wrong. I always felt she was too hot for her age, every since I started watching the show. If we were pushing that line coo. But it got way out of hand supporting these women dogging each other. I logged out too. I couldn’t take it. I feel like I may get backlash, but I’d rather speak up and sit silent. We have great blogging communities etc. and either way if it’s celebrities or not, it’s not right. It sets a bad image and I want everybody to be united. We too comfortable with pinning women against each other because we so used to doing it ourselves. I appreciate your spirit and kind words. You’re truly an angel!

  2. I consider myself a very positive person. I definitely do everything I can to support other women from working with them to giving them props. I think women actually have a lot of positivity towards each other. At least that’s what I see in my life. However, I also think it’s human nature to go off sometimes whether it’s right or wrong. It’s just what it is. I would never argue with another woman on the Internet but I gossip with my husband and my two best friends. Why? Idk. I try not to judge because I’ve made choices everyone won’t agree with but sometimes I catch myself judging. I think I do more good than not so I live with it. I don’t even think women are that vicious towards each other all the time. I think that’s just what gets highlighted. At the end of the day I truly feel it’s human nature to attack when you feel attacked. That’s what I think Amber did but then again I don’t know her. She didn’t even say much about Kylie it was more about Tyga and Khloe went off so she went ham. Sure it was just words but that’s what humans do. That’s why we have so many wars.
    All in all I agree with what you’re saying. Unfortunately, the world has too many shades of grey for perfect harmony to ever happen.

  3. Lots of celebrities (and regular people) messy on twitter. People aren’t so bold I’m real life. It is messed up that grown folks on twitter act like high school cliques over the internet. (though I’ll admit I found it very amusing that the pot called the kettle black on twitter- and yea I’m wrong for that)

    The media loves to heighten women brawling on twitter and in real life- especially black women (Azalea Banks and Erykah Badu a few days ago). We gotta stop promoting these stereotypes of catty women who can’t get along. They harm all of us. Some even more than others. Thanks for the post!

    1. This is true… The media loves pinning women against each other. I just see it as it becomes our problem to you know? We are so comfortable with slut bashing and name calling strangers these days. A pattern is a pattern and it trickles down from social media into our real every days. I really would like to be a bigger advocate on helping women to change the way we view and treat each other. Thanks for reading girl! 🙂

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