Q&A WhoisAmberJanae?

Who Is Amber Janae?

One of the most commonly asked questions I get. Amber Janae is a twenty something visionary. Smiley, as they call me. Always positive, outgoing and hoping for the best. I am just a girl who decided to go for it and is still working toward making things happen. I am the girl who can’t go to the store without her favorite watch on and eats cereal for every meal because it’s irresponsible. I buy a notebook and pen everywhere I go and convince myself I need it. I am a free spirit that has overcome some of the toughest battles. I am a fighter, a survivor.


What Were You Like Growing Up?

My own little person. I lived in my own world. When I say I did what I felt was right, wore whatever my heart said wear and expressed however I felt, I mean it. I moved to the beat of my own drum. I was very creative as a child. I was an introvert before I ever knew what one was. I was spontaneous and a bit of a tom boy. My family would describe me as strange and out there. Hence my nickname Berkeley. Named after Berkeley, CA. I was silly, very goofy. Nobody would watch my brother and I when we were younger. Not because we weren’t well behaved, but because we laughed too much. 🙂

Did You Always Know You’d be A Writer?

I’ve always been a writer, but I never thought I’d do it for a living. I was into everything growing up. I made clothes and I also still have every sketch I’ve ever sketched up with ideas for my couture dress line I dreamt of having. I would walk to Jones and Harris record store as a little girl, with $1.07 that I had gathered together in change and buy my favorite artist singles. I went broke buying singles. I would buy the singles because I loved them, but also because they came with the instrumentals on the CD. I’d write songs to the instrumentals to every single I purchased. I spent my summers making clothes, writing poems and downloading new music illegally LOL. I didn’t want to play, I wanted to create. I may not have known I would be a writer, but I always knew I was too creative to not be utilizing my talents.


How Did whoisamberjanae.com Develop?

With a dollar and a dream. *In my best J Cole voice* In all seriousness, whoisamberjanae.com developed randomly. One day I decided I wanted to document everything on my heart. Every short story I had ever written, every poem my heart bled, and everything racing through my mind, I wanted to share it with the world. I had this idea that my creativity and openness would tell the world who Amber Janae was without me actually having to say it. Almost four years later, here it is.

Was The Plan To Ever Be This Open/Candid?

I never thought in a million years that I’d be so transparent about my everyday life struggles. In fact, when I re-launched whoisamberjanae.com back in 2012, I rarely went into in depth detail about what I was struggling with on a daily basis. It didn’t start until one weekend I had two articles to complete in a short amount of time. I will never forget, it was the weekend of my 24th birthday. I was headed to LA and arrived on my birthday. When I got there, I did not party until I finished those articles. I was applying for a job to be a contributor for Mashonda Tifrere’s blog Lifestyleher.com. Which at the time I believe was in connection with GlobalGrind.com. Anyways, the assignment was to write two inspiring post that derived from the titles “How to Maintain Peace When Your Soul is At War” and “Unhealthy relationships, 5 Signs It’s Time To Move On.”

I put my all into those pieces. It was the first time I spoke from deep within and was expressive about what I had suffered through in the past. Needless to say, I didn’t get the job. However, I do believe God presented me with the opportunity so that I would know the power of stretching myself to new lengths as a writer. Ever since then I’ve written what’s on my heart to inspire others to be greater just like applying for the job with Mashonda did for me.

How Has Being An Author Changed whoisamberjanae Brand?

I doubt that being an author has changed the brand more than anything it has helped it develop. When I started blogging, my own books were a figment of my imagination. 3 Years into blogging I had 3 books. You never know what awaits you, you just have to take the chances and go for them. I will say, I had to learn everything that there is to know about being my own boss as an author. If that hasn’t taught me anything, it’s taught me that all things are possible. I am the team behind the creative process for every book. From the content to the book covers, I do it all. Developing my books over the years has taught me not to half ass whoisamberjanae.com. Do it right, invest in it or don’t do it at all.


What’s Your Favorite Song?

Freddie Jackson’s- You Are My Lady! I melt every time I hear it. I always dreamt of my husband waking me up early on my birthday with that song blasting. It shall happen one day.

Fill In The Blank: When I am Not Writing I am_________?

Eating LOL. Aside from scarfing super burritos, I don’t know. I am more than likely taking photos with my Nikon. Reading new books, checking out blog post from my fellow bloggers or listening to great music.

Every Night Before Bed I_________?

Meditate, read my bible and have a long talk with God!


I am My Happiest When________?

My mind is at rest, my soul is at peace and my stories of recovery are inspiring someone else and building them up.

What Do You Hope People Take From Your Blog?

I hope everyone walks away feeling extremely inspired, encouraged and blessed. When I was a little girl I’d watch movies, I’d see all the girls in the films getting pep talks and words of encouragement. I had always hoped to hear that more often growing up. They always say to be the person you wish you had as a child when you become an adult. I am her, I am who I always wanted to have and be.

Where Do You Desire to See whoisamberjanae.com Go?

To Infinity and beyond… *In my best Buzz Light-Year voice* I have a vision. I see it as I work toward it. It’s funny, I was reading my horoscope this morning on Elle.com and it said how I have a vision and I don’t know how it’s going to come to life, but to just work and watch the universe work with me. That is where I am right now in life. I am working constantly to make it happen. I pray that whoisamberjanae.com develops into more than what it is presently. I’d like for my blog to be a place women come to and leave inspired, but also feel like they’ve learned something. I’d like to provide tools and insight for women without taking away from what I started with, if that makes sense? It’s a work in progress, we shall see where it goes.

Any Advice For New Bloggers and Aspiring Authors? 

Have your own style! I do not say that lightly. Build your brand off who you truly are. In an over saturated blogging world you don’t want to be her, you want to be YOU! Own your shit and don’t half ass anything! I own everything that I have been through and all of the woman that I am. I work hard, for me…ME! I do what I do everyday because I love it, it’s my true passion. Life comes at you fast, people are opinionated with bad attitudes, you can’t let that stop you. You have to develop tough skin. You have to believe in your craft even when it’s not at it’s best. Practice makes perfect. The more you write, the better you get. When you decide to post on your blog or write a book, write because you love it. Write because you’re passionate about it. Write because you know that you have a story to tell and it’s going to inspire another spirit that was once questioning life as you were at some point. Just be great… Out of all the things in the world you can be, there is no better feeling than being GREAT dammit!



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