5 Things Every Woman Should Be Focused On


image.jpegI find it extremely easy to get distracted and lose sight of what’s important and what isn’t. I’d be lying if I said my life was in order all the time. My mind is constantly racing. It’s easy to put your all into one area of your life and be slacking off in the other. I am guilty! The key to life is finding balance. Essentially, you want to figure out what all works for you and what doesn’t. I knew by the time I hit 20 something, there was a list of things that I wanted to be sure was my main focus. We get distracted by our relationships, our friendships and so on and so forth. There’s no real way for balance to settle into your life unless you create it. How does one create balance? I am glad you asked? By finding key things that are important to focus on and make sure you’re constantly dedicated to those things. What I may feel is important you may not. But, I think we all can agree that this list below is 5 things every woman should be focusing on.

1. Her Career: Numero Uno! By the time you hit a certain age in life your financial independence is important. Not only is your financial independence important, but so is working in your career field of choice. Flourishing in a job is one thing, but actually dedicating your skills and time in the career of your choice is another thing. It is actually EVERYTHING!!! Before you do anything else make sure that your career goals are set and you’re constantly striving to reach them.

2. Her Mental Health: As one who’s battled with mental health issues all of her life, I am an advocate for staying healthy mentally. Taking care of yourself physically is important, but it is far more glamorized than making sure your mental state is intact. There were moments when I was so used to feeling down and depressed, it became normal. I think most women who suffer with mental health issues could agree with that statement. You don’t realize it’s a problem until it’s spiraled out of control. Monitoring your health mentally as much as you can is what will keep you healthy. Make sure that you’re focusing on what you’re allowing into your life, how you’re handling your stress levels and how you choose to deal with negative people/situations. Your mental health is important ladies.

 3. Her Finances: I probably learned to get a grip on life and stop spending like my last name was Kardashian a few years ago. I mean let’s be honest, how can one really save and or invest if they’re constantly spending? Monitoring your spending and successful money management skills is what every woman should be focusing on. Try downloading apps that connect you right to your checking account. Trust, these days every bank has online banking. Add $10-$50 dollars every month from your pay check to your savings account. Apps like Mint help me budget my spending. It helps me keep track of how much I am spending on clothing, food and lawd knows I need a handle on how much I spend at Starbucks. Mint monitors all of this, it also helps me watch my credit score. Being broke ain’t a joke, real women focus and have control on their finances.

4. Her Social Life: I know what you’re thinking “How the hell can I do all of the above and what’s to come and still have a social life?” It is highly possible, it can be done and it is being done. With all that I have to focus on, I know the importance of getting out and experiencing life. Why yes, I believe in having my priorities in order, but you can still do that and have a good time. What good is life if it’s all work and no play? I admit, there are some nights I’d rather work than go have a drink, but every time I link with my girlfriends I never regret it. Make sure that while you’re busy being a boss, you’re honoring your friendships and building new ones. Yes, life is about getting busy and being responsible, but I’d hate to look back on my twenties and realize I never had any real fun or friends. LIVE!

5. Her Damn Self: Yes, every woman should be focusing on herself. That includes everything above and so much more. I don’t mean investing more time into the cutie you just met at the local coffee shop. I mean investing your time into you so that Mr. Latte fits into your life, not you into his. I find the more we are worried about ourselves, the less we are prone to gossip about others, and compare ourselves to others. When you’re busy and you stay busy, you have no clue what others are doing. When you’re focused on you and building yourself, than you see that your only competition is you. Stay grounded, stay humble. Most importantly, stay focused on you!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


9 thoughts on “5 Things Every Woman Should Be Focused On

  1. This is what I needed this morning, Thank you. The simplicity of each focal point but each are the key to a true peace, especially as a 20 something year old. It’s so easy to get off track during this age/time period. I will definitely be using this as a constant reference today, tomorrow, and so forth! Thank you for sharing!

    1. You’re so very welcome. I believe as we get older our goals, and overall life focus should change. Remember to put ourselves first and focusing on what we need is what matters. I’m so glad that this post has inspired you. Keep being a positive Ray of light in this world. Keep sharing your gifts and God will forever bless you. xoxo!

  2. Yes to 3, 4, & 5! Well, I’m here for the whole list really but those three really spoke to me probably because of where I am in my life at the time. I definitely agree with your views about mental health being incredibly important but not as vocalized or emphasized as physical health by others. It’s that pink elephant in the room that no one likes to talk about when it definitely should be touched on a lot more often. Great post chica!

  3. Thank you for this post! I agree with everything on your list and I am definitely trying to work on focusing and improving in each of these areas. I really need to do better about my finances in particular. I signed up for Mint but need to utilize it more.

    1. Thank you for reading and yes, I am at the stage where I need to do better financially as well. It’s hitting me hard the closer my birthday gets LOL. It’s not as bad though since we are aware of the areas we need to work on. Let me know how you like Mint. It’s the best thing that’s happened to me lol.

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