Self-Love Sunday: The Quest to Self-Acceptance

I hate my hair, the unevenness of my skin. I hate looking in the mirror because I am afraid the raging war against me will never end.

I hate my weight, shape and body type. I want to change everything about who I am, but would I even feel right?

Would I honestly be able to live my everyday life ashamed of the woman God created me to be? How could I be so unfair to me? I am crying every time my reflection stares back at me.

It isn’t about the color of my skin or whether I am light or dark. It isn’t about the texture of my hair.

I am not defined by the color of my skin or the clothes that I wear.

It isn’t about the size of my backside or the thickness in my thighs. What matters is how comfortable I am with self and showing the world that I have nothing to hide.

This world is confused and full of many stereotypes. It’s confusing our generation leading us to believe that labeling and hating ourselves to fit the mold is alright.

I once hated my hair and the unevenness of my skin. I once hated looking at myself in the mirror and now I am learning to embrace what’s on the outside along with what’s within.

I once hated my weight, my shape and my body. There was a time when everything about me was in question. Now, I love me whole heartedly and I fully embrace my Quest to Self-Acceptance.


“Searched high and low for a place where I can lay my burdens down. Ain’t nothing in the whole wide world like the peace that I have found.”


The above poem is featured in my self-help book “A Woman’s Quest to Self-Love” which can be ordered via






9 thoughts on “Self-Love Sunday: The Quest to Self-Acceptance

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I myself may struggle with acceptance, because I may fall in love with someone who may not feel the same way as I do. Thats when I ask myself all THESE questions. Sharing this post is helping someone heal and find themselves in a better place they have never been. Self Love is so important. THANK YOU

    1. You’re welcome. I have experienced the same, falling in love with someone who felt it best to pick me apart and tell me I wasn’t enough. It happens, but then we are left picking up the pieces trying to put ourselves back together. I pray that your journey to self-discovery, self-love and self-acceptance is never ending. You’re beautiful and deserving of nothing but the best. When you know and learn that we stop settling for people who refuse to see it. Wishing you the best. Thank you for reading xoxo

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