And We Stopped To Celebrate Life and Each Other


Sometimes life calls you to meet up with your girls and celebrate life. The previous statement was meant in a literal and figurative sense. This past Sunday was like any other Sunday, but with a celebratory twist. We chose to turn our typical “Sunday-Funday” into a memorable pre-birthday celebration. While my birthday is still 5 days away, there are no rules in the birthday book that say you can’t celebrate early. We dinned on brunch and sipped bottomless mimosa’s until we couldn’t anymore. I loved the fact that we chose to celebrate another year of life while enjoying each other on International Women’s Day. What a great twist don’t cha think? There are so many things in life that we ask God for. We can only be thankful when he blesses us with the presence of pure hearts with great intentions. I am very grateful to have been able to share this day with so many amazing, beautiful women. Looking forward to more days like in the near future.

“Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.”


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10 thoughts on “And We Stopped To Celebrate Life and Each Other

  1. first: how are yall wearing those clothes while we are dying on the east coast?

    Second: yall are gorgeous. Slaying

    Third: the photo quality is amazzzing

    Fourth: happy almost birthday !

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