Amber Janae – A Woman’s Quest to Self-Love via All The Many Layers

I recently did a feature with Audrey Prim for her Flyy Girl Friday Feature through her blog. One of the many questions that was asked was, who are two of my favorite bloggers? The very first person that came to mind was GG Renee of All The Many Her spirit is un-matchable and her words just flow. She has a talent that is remarkable and timeless, I truly admire her. So imagine my excitement when I was asked to be featured on her blog? I jumped at it. Throughout the interview I discuss the creative process of my book A Woman’s Quest to Self-Love and the inspiration behind it. I am very proud of my feature with GG because I think it gives you all another opportunity to really see who I am, not just as a writer, but a woman. Checkout pieces from the interview below.

“The best advice I can give any woman feeling uninspired in her work is to not let this world or your own self-doubt to shrink you. There is power in your creativity and even more power in your purpose. Don’t look around you for answers, look within you. I truly believe in giving life to anything that feeds our souls and makes us happy.”

*What inspired you to start blogging and publishing books? Who are you trying to reach?
I’ve been writing since I was 12 years old. I can’t tell you exactly one specific thing that led me to start my blog, but I knew when I began I was living in purpose while doing so. My desire to not be silenced or hide behind my pain is what led me to further my writing and publish books. I’ve lived in fear for years and I wanted to inspire other women and young girls to face their fears and follow their dreams. I am trying to reach every brown girl who ever felt as if she couldn’t do what she always felt in her heart was made for her. I want to inspire other women to chase their purpose.

*You write a variety of fiction and creative non-fiction. Tell us about the books you’ve published so far.
My first book is an anthology titled Sacrifices Love and Deception. It’s compiled of several fictional short stories that I began writing at 13 or 14.

A Woman’s Quest to Self-Love is my self-help novel. I wanted to share my battle of self-inflicted pain and personal struggles. It’s a very personal project, but also one I am very proud of.
The Root is a compilation of 47 of the best poems I’ve written over the years.
I just launched book 1 of my short story series. Book 1 is titled To Be Taken Advantage of. I haven’t decided how long the series will carry on, but I enjoy creating fictional stories, so it may never end.

I am also working on my second self-help book which is titled Transparency. Transparency will be a walk through my battle with suffering from mental health issues such as depression.

*How is your personal vision for your life reflected through your work and writing?
My personal vision for my life has always been to love myself completely and feel free. For a huge majority of my life I felt caged. I felt alone and misunderstood.

I believe that my work and writing is a reflection of my freedom. 
My writing is a reflection that I’ve come into my own and every day I am working toward feeling free. It’s a reflection of how much I have grown and how my love and value for myself continues to grow every day.

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