Self-Love Sunday: Don’t Forget To Live

“Life is always speaking to us. Everyday life is sending us subtle reminders to live and do our best. It is the reminders we choose to honor that determines the fate of all of our days.”  – Self 

I woke up late this morning. I stared at my reflection as I moisturized my skin, admiring my new hair cut. Life called for change so I made it. I ate pizza for breakfast and downed a Fiji water to wash it all down. It’s the little things, going against the norm that makes you feel good. I’m at my best when I’m not trying to be so well put together all the time. I’m at my best when I live to take risk. I spent all day yesterday and the first half of my Morning thinking about what I wanted my Self-Love Sunday to reflect on. Needless to say, overthinking the topic never really serves me well. I got up to let the sun in my window and thought of a conversation I had yesterday with one of my good friends.

“Love, Live Life, Proceed, Progress.” -Lil Wayne 

As Brittiny and I drive up highway 880 to visit our friend in San Jose, we of course discussed life. We talked about how we only wanted to do things from here on out that served us and our spirits well. BT has become the extroverted friend I need to balance out my introverted ways. Without her I’d honestly be dull and boring. She’s always the friend constantly reminding me to live life to the fullest. For so long I had been shunning out the possibilities of work and play. Life had sort of become redundant. Constantly working to meet deadlines, setting unrealistic expectations of myself and just not being 100% happy because I was forcing a certain way of life on myself. -Life is always speaking to us. Everyday

The reality is, there are no rules to this thing called life. Life is what you make it. Life is always speaking to us. Everyday life is sending us subtle reminders to live and do our best. It is the reminders we choose to honor that determines the fate of all of our days. If you think that not living your life to the fullest and being deprived of enjoying the fruits of you labor you’re sadly mistaken. Life comes at us FAST. If you don’t spend your time living, you’ll grow older regretting. I think we have this false perception that if we put all of our time into being the successes we dream to be it’ll happen faster. I once believed that not being out, having fun with friends was a distraction and would take me off of my game. I now know that not to be true, it’s actually the opposite. When I am living life and exploring what it has to offer, I am inspired. When life aligned me with likeminded, ambitious women I was not only inspired to be better career wise, but to always broaden my perspective on how I viewed life. Your circle will either inspire you or limit you. I’ve grown to be inspired to live the best of my days without forgetting that enjoying the life God has blessed me with does not take away from where I am headed. The path you take is all apart of the journey to your destination.

Why not travel, see the world, drink Patron swirls until your head spins, lay out and BBQ at the lake, have random brunches, shopping trips and endless amounts of fun? If we aren’t careful we will live our days confined by our own misguidance and poor beliefs. Not enjoying life will have you missing out on so much. You can still live life to the fullest while working toward your dreams. The truth is, all of our lives were predestined. We will get to be where we are meant to be when the timing is right. Overthinking the process, overworking and not enjoying what life has to offer will not get you there faster. Live your best life now. I pray I continue to have life revelations such as these. I pray I never get the urge to not want to live my best life now. I pray I always know and understand the value of a balanced life, where play isn’t overshadowed by work and work isn’t consuming me to where I have no time to play. I pray I continue to grow and live life the best way I know how. I pray God continues to center me and everyone around me to be who we are called to be. I pray that I never refuse to let my hair down and not always be so uptight. I pray that each day is a better day than yesterday for the rest of my days. I pray that life continues to be as fruitful and as amazing as it has been lately. I pray I choose to LIVE and LIVE to the fullest. Don’t YOU dare forget to live!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 



5 thoughts on “Self-Love Sunday: Don’t Forget To Live

  1. Lol “drink Patron swirls” – yesss!! I’ve definitely been learning not to take any if my days for granted. I get up nd I get out to make things happen! Always love these posts! Love the new cut too!!!

    1. LOL yes. We had Patron swirls yesterday and I was so happy about them. I’m so happy that you choose to live. You’re truly an amazing talented spirit. You deserve it. And thank you, still getting used to the short, but so far so good! xoxo 🙂

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