6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Reaching For Success

image.jpegI’ve come to realize that everyone’s idea of success is different. Because I’ve found this to be true, I now see that our journeys toward success are also very different dependent on what we are reaching to achieve. I very often have a pep talk with myself, just as a friendly reminder. I make sure that I always keep in mind that there is no rush to get to where I am going. As long as I stay true to who I am and what I am doing then everything will work out fine. On our journey, we have to remind ourselves that characteristics such as ambition, tenacity, drive, compassion, strength, etc. are important when working toward success. It is what we feed our minds and spirits with that ultimately determines what tools we use to get to where we are going. What am I often telling myself on my journey to success? A LOT! But, to save you and me a hell of a lot of time, I’ve narrowed my list down to 6 things to keep in mind when you’re reaching for success.


Be Realistic: There’s nothing more draining and discouraging than setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. Yes, I would love to have written more books by now and write more short stories, but it isn’t always as easy as it looks and sounds. I think we become so fixated on the world around us that reality begins to seem a bit mediocre. Our perceptions of life have shifted since this generation has somewhat been forced to believe that instantaneous success is the norm. Don’t go jumping from one thing to another because it hasn’t happened, YET. Be realistic about life and your approach toward your goals.

Stay Humble: There’s nothing worse than having to be humbled by life because you refused to do it yourself. Success in life isn’t dependent on a status, followers or a verified check. We often times tend to get ahead of ourselves forgetting that there’s always work to do and we’re never too good or have achieved too much to be humble.

Stay Hungry: I think part of the reason why I am so hard on myself is because I am never satisfied. I celebrate life and all of my accomplishments, but I am never not hungry for more. As I stated above, there’s always work to be done. There is always going to be more things to achieve and go after. For as long as you’re hungry for success and work toward it, you will forever be successful.

Everyone Is Not Your Competition: Thank God life isn’t a race, right? The classic mistake most of us make is assuming that every other person reaching for success is our competitor. The quickest way to lose sight of your blessings is focusing on someone else’s. You can’t win focusing on who else is winning. Your only competition on your journey should be there person you were yesterday.

Bad Company Corrupts Good Character: Don’t be fooled… You have to be deeply rooted in faith as far as where you’re headed in life. So much so, that you’re ready and willing to cut out any distractions no matter what or whom they are. It takes someone who’s been refused by opportunities based off of their association to truly understand how powerful the company you keep is. You want to be sure that the company you keep is not only of great character, but are a true representation of what you stand for and what you’re seeking to achieve.

Always Make Good Choices: Living above society’s moral decline is dependent on the choices we make. To say that one should assess their level of integrity on a daily basis is an understatement. We are often made to believe that living a certain way or doing certain things is how we obtain the best of the best in life. Those of us whom are wise, understand that possessions are merely possessions. It is your character, integrity, compassion and spirit that are of true value in this world. It is our sole obligation to resist the pull of this world and not be dismayed by the “good life” that is displayed on and offline daily. Don’t fall prey to short cuts in life. It’s important to keep in mind that those who run fast do not run long. If there has been anything I’ve learned over the years it’s that, only gifts that are God given are gifts that will flourish throughout your life. All other things are certain to perish with time.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


4 thoughts on “6 Tips To Keep In Mind When Reaching For Success

    1. Thank you my dear. And you’re so right, we can never be reminded too much. I pray you continue to reference what I share. I always revert back to old post when needed and it truly helps.

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