What’s Life: Lets Play Catch Up

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So, what is life?

I am lying in my bed right now, drinking a bottle of Fiji, watching the sun slowly set. It’s a random Wednesday night. I was extremely happy to pull into my drive way to see a neighbor was kind enough to pull my garbage can up. (Today was garbage day by the way) I felt like writing a random post sharing with you all what I’ve been up to. Work has been extremely hectic. Officially been managing more accounts the last few weeks since my co-worker is out on vacation. Honestly, I like it this way. It keeps me busy and focused so my mind isn’t always wandering.

I caught a cold…

I’ve been without a voice for the past 24 hours and it sucks MAJORLY. I have been out of it all week. So much so, I was too drugged up to stay awake to watch Being Mary Jane last night. (Queue’s DVR) I’ve been in a great head-space lately. I think the new moon was the kick that I needed. I’ve been finding myself more focused than ever before on my priorities and plans for the future. Ultimately, I want to be sure I am living the best of my days while I have the chance, but of course not wasting these days by missing out on amazing opportunities.

I cut my hair…

If you missed the memo, here it is again. Frankly, I needed a change. I needed a lil umph in my step. I needed a little sass and to feel a bit more confident than I already do. Let me be the first to tell you, change is good for everybody because the haircut worked. Along with my outer appearance I’ve been concentrating on my spiritual growth. The goal is to ensure I am just is good on the inside as the outside. Overall I want to be sure my life is a true representation of all that I believe in.

I’ve been writing…

I came to a short stand still with my new book Transparency. I wanted to be for certain that the message I was conveying was not only of importance, but that I had actually learned the value in all of the lessons I speak about in this project. I guess what I am trying to say is, I wanted to be sure that I saw the importance of all that I was choosing to share and just how much it played a role in helping me become the woman I am today. In other words, I with through a reflection phase. I reflected for weeks which really empowered me to be more carefree when I picked back up the laptop and began writing again. I am so very excited for my next project. I know that it’ll inspire the world.

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I’ve been living…

And by living I don’t mean just breathing. I’ve been experiencing what it means to wear a smile 24/7. My abs are a bit tighter because laugh until it hurts. I’ve danced the night away until 2:00am. I’ve sat out on the lake with my girls, sipping rum and coke from a blue cup, while the DJ plays 90’s favorites for a bunch of young millennial’s having a good time, just living. I’ve been building quality friendships with amazing, like-minding, goal oriented women. It’s been refreshing to be in the presence of women who not only inspire you, but appreciate all that you are to them

The Blog…

I am presently trying to figure out what direction I want to go in. I want my brand to continue to grow, but as it does that budding question replays “what do you do with it?” I’ve gotten clear with the fact it ain’t all about the money. Probably not about it at all. My biggest question and fear has been where do we go from here? What is next? While I am in the process of figuring this out, I’ve also been sure to not put too much thought into it. Hey, you never know I may not do this forever. I know my visions are far much bigger than blogging. While I do love it, my vision of being a New York Times Bestseller has been my biggest goal. I don’t want to over-think it all and lose sight of the vision or even worse lose passion. I believe as time progresses doors will come forth and open as they should. As for now, I will focus on perfecting my craft and fighting the urge to kick some doors down. *Insert me chilling.*

Life is…

Life. I’ve been making the best out all that there is to come. After my recent birthday I’ve made a promise to myself that I would commit to only people and things of substance, people and things that contribute to my growth. I’ve been making good on that promise. Focusing less on what’s going on around me has been easier because I am centered on what’s going on with me. I only connect to social media when I need to catch up on reading post by my fellow bloggers or promote my own pieces. When you’re our enjoying life there’s less to share and more to do. I’ve watched Beyond The Lights on DVD a million times since I purchased it at the end of February. That was pointless information, but I thought you all should know that I do waste my time doing pointless things such as watching movies I’ve seen over and over LOL.

I thought it be really cool to just give a random update. No topics, no nothing just an update on my life and what’s really going on. So this is life… This is me right now. Several months into the New Year and I am still trying to navigate through, keep my head above water, work my ass off and look fabulous while doing it all. I hope I have the guts to write more post such as this one soon. In the meantime, up next on the blog is my list of goals I plan to accomplish by months end. That’s posting FriYAY (Friday). It’s been real friends. Have an outstanding rest of the week, make it productive.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


6 thoughts on “What’s Life: Lets Play Catch Up

  1. Ummm first off, lippy stick – flawless!
    Realizing you wanna be great on the outside as well as in – even better!
    And finally, that haircut is everything! Prefect for Spring!

    1. Thank you so my love. The lip color is Smoked purple by Mac FYI lol. But, yes. I feel myself transitioning and coming to so many realizations, I just want to keep at consistently. I appreciate your support. And thank you, the cut is still growing on me, but I do love it for this time of the year. 🙂 xoxo

  2. I feel the same way about my blog..Except yours is way more popular than mine so I often wonder why I even do it… but it is a fun hobbie to write down your feelings and thoughts and share them with the world.
    I hope you find your way.


    1. Girl, don’t you dare discredit your hard work and blog to mine. You and all that you do through your blog is just as amazing regardless of how many ppl are reading. Disconnect from the number aspect and continue to document your life changes if it’s truly what you love. It’s not about popularity, it’s about reaching your level and being of service to others like you. Doing Gods work. Keep writing my dear xoxo

  3. Aw you’re so gorgeous!! Gah! I hope you get iver your cold soon. I caught my seasonal Spring bug as I do every year but it’s gotten better. I can attest to doing more to live – I love social media but I’ve lessened my use of it a tad to focus more on myself, my family, and my business.

    I know I mentioned this before but I still love that hair cut!

    Neosha 💜

    1. Thank you so, so much 🙂 I am praying I get over this cold too. It’s been having me so unmotivated. I’ve been praying on the whole living more thing and the answer I got is, basically we can serve God and still do what we love. We don’t have to spend everyday sacrificing. Learning to find a healthy balance in it all. My focus has been me, family and hopefully I can throw husband in there soon lol And thanks again girl. I’m still getting used to the cut, it’s a huge change. I’d rather my hair be bold and beautiful like yours at this point lol 💞💞

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