Self-Love Sunday: Treat Yourself

I am focused on loving me the best way that I can as much as I can. I challenge you all too random acts of kindness for yourself just because, it’ll warm your spirit and open your heart to receive what you deserve.” – Self

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I am a firm believer that when we grow the courage to take our happiness into our own hands life gets better. We all are guilty of giving others the power to be dictators on the way we feel each day and even how we treat ourselves. When we give other people ownership over not only how we feel about ourselves, but how we treat ourselves we’ve officially given away all of our power. How often do you stop and think about all the things that you could be doing to make YOU feel better? No matter how grand or small the gesture is, how often to you cater to you and your needs? How often to you evaluate the people in your life and make healthy decisions to let them go because it’s best for you and your spirit?

“It’s imperative we learn the value of not holding on to people who tarnish our self-esteem and don’t value our worth.” – Self

Do you know it’s damaging to hold on to toxic people and just as damaging to hold on to parts of yourself that no longer serve you well? We have to learn to treat ourselves. Treating ourselves isn’t always with material things. Sometimes it pays to give yourself the gift of silence or hot bubble bath to reflect on where you are presently in life. We must learn to do things for ourselves that support us feeling better about who we are. How often are you going out of your way to align yourself with contentment and peace? It doesn’t always take someone else. It always starts with YOU!


I’ve been sick for the past week and by the time Saturday rolled around the weather was too beautiful for me to sit wallowing in my sickness. I got up and hit the store. I purchased new vibrant sheets for my bed, new scented candles and new nail polish. I spent all day lying in my new bed, listing to my favorite music, painting my nails and burning candles in peace. I did what made me happy. Nothing makes me happier than fresh scents and relaxation. I reveled in all of what made me feel good. I could have relied on someone to bring me the essentials I need to get over my sickness, instead I took matters into my own hands. I gave myself things that feed my spirit and truly make me happy. While they may not be over the counter pharmaceuticals they helped to lift my mood and spirit. Now on this glorious Sunday, after spending a day catering to my needs I am starting to feel like me again.


Keep in my mind that no matter how often we fall short of catering to us, there’s always room to turn it around. It’s the little things that you will thank yourself for later. I challenge you to get out this Sunday to do 3 great things for you that make you feel good. Do not think about catering to the needs of others just focus on making this day all about you. Self-love is the best Love!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


3 thoughts on “Self-Love Sunday: Treat Yourself

  1. Amen!!! Love the sheets. I’m currently in the midst of making one of the biggest decisions of my life and making sure I put myself first makes it very hard to do. I can say though that I have a habit of doing things for myself often – especially when it comes to just enjoying myself and the time I’ve been blessed with that day.

    Neosha 💜

  2. To breakthrough is becaming more challenging that before, the people who are toxic should be sent out imediately. When we are fighting our own ghost of fear in our journey to being happy! the people who are holding us down should have no place!

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