6 Things I Admire About The Carter’s Union

When I think of love, commitment, power, respect and a solid relationship, Jay Z and Beyoncé come to mind. I think it’s safe to say that no matter who you are you admire what this well-known couple shares. Even the president and first lady admire Jay and Bey as a duo. The two of them together scream eternalness, wholeness, commitment and inspiration. While the nay-sayers may add their two cents and continue to remind us that no relationship is perfect, Jay and Bey continue to prove that with the right dose of love, communication, trust and commitment, your relationship can be perfectly imperfect.


I admire these two artist individually for their ability to think logically and successfully continue to set their own standards as artist while breaking records in such a competitive industry. However, I admire them collectively for their continuous effort to set an example for those who look up to them and being a mold for  positive relationships. Their admiration and love for one another and their desire to protect each other and their relationship at all cost is undeniable .I am always taking notes and making sure I can incorporate quality habits and traits that I pick up from others into my life. Allow me to share with you my observations and seven things I admire about Mr. and Mrs. Carter union.


  • Great Relationships Take Time: I recall a multitude of interviews where Beyoncé states that she and Jay remained friends for over a year before she agreed to be his “lady”. She explained that the two of them rarely, if ever made contact in person. They maintained a relationship by phone only in an effort to build their friendship before their relationship. In my opinion you can’t truly say you love a woman/man until you’ve gotten to know every part of them and experienced every single depth of their living being. Only through true friendship can you acquire that.


  • Secrecy Speaks Volumes: Back in 2002 in an interview with Oprah, Oprah told Bey “Don’t go around telling people who you’re dating.” From that point forward we spent nearly 11 years putting the pieces together trying to figure out the well kept secrets of this ever so private couple. While they were often photographed together on lavish vacations, shopping trips and their ultimate favorite, court-side at basketball games, the two of them seldom admitted verbally that they were officially an item. We had no image of a wedding dress until years after the wedding. I think it’s very easy to get caught up in trying to prove your happiness or relationship status to the “watchers” You get caught up in over-sharing instead of just enjoying.(guilty) Learn to minimize and keep close what’s meant for only you and your partner to share.



  • Old Fashion Isn’t So Old Fashion After all: When you think of young parents today, you think of broken homes or young girls using the delicacy of pregnancy to hold onto a young boy who isn’t ready to commit to waking up on time let along committing himself to one woman and being a father. One thing I’ve always loved and admired so much is that the Carter’s took the time to do things the “old fashion way.” He courted her for years and the two of them worked endlessly to establish a bond that was worth holding on to. After years of courting Jay asked her hand in marriage and several years after that the happy couple gave birth to baby Blue. If I haven’t learned anything I’ve learned that, it’s okay to want to do things the old fashion way and not be in such of a rush. I’d like to have all my pieces fit together and not be forced and the Carter’s union embodies that.



  • Something’s Are Just Better As A Team: If you ask Beyoncé will tell you that she wouldn’t be half the woman that she is if she didn’t go home to her husband. Jay will tell you it was the love for his wife that helped him grow and transform him into the man that he is today. There so much that you can accomplish alone and yet, there is so many more goals and heights that can be obtained with the right counterpart. As far back as I can remember, two has always been better than one. We all wait for the day to meet that one who helps change us and encourages us to grow daily into a better version of ourselves.


  • Unity It A Must: The Carter’s aren’t strangers to the headlines. We all remember  the infamous “elevator gate” video that was leaked to the media.  When the events unfolded we barely heard a peep from Beyoncé, Solange, or Jay about all that transpired. They handled their family business in the privacy of their own homes and days after, photos emerged of the family together and smiling. Nothing says unity like a family who struggles together, fall out and still find a way to unite and come together as one. Unity is a must for the Carter/Knowles family and they’ve certainly showed us you’re nothing without a solid union.



  • Love Conquers All: When you’re mega celebrities nothing about your life really goes unnoticed or unshared. When you become famous it’s almost as if you’re giving up all rights to your privacy. The thing about this duo that I love most is that Love is the center of their foundation. If it being their love for God, each other or their child, love has bonded them and held them together in some of the toughest moments. It’s often difficult to maintain a relationship and trying your hardest to not let your insecurities and doubts get the best of you. It’s something that we all struggle with but Mr. and Mrs. Carter have definitely showed me with the right amount of love it can truly and will conquer all if you allow it.

Celebrities Attend The New Jersey Nets v New York Knicks Game - February 20, 2012


5 thoughts on “6 Things I Admire About The Carter’s Union

  1. That entire point about secrecy is gold!!!!!! Ahhhh I could scream from excitement. It’s sooooo good! That is truly one of the things I respect Beyonce for and it’s one thing that I’ve implemented in my own life. There are so many haters and watchers – those who are only looking for the negatives and those who don’t know how to be concerned with their own business. Again, lost friendships because of this but good riddance lol

    Anyway, thanks for sharing! I’m taking notes from this on my road to stardom.

    1. Girl, I had to learn the hard way about keeping things private and learning to live happy in privacy. People really do want to see you at your worse. I will say to you that lost friendships mean nothing when you’re focused on moving forward and making NEW, meaningful connections. I pray that you’re doing just that. 😉 xoxo

      1. Me too girl! And I’m definitely intent on moving forward. Re-connecting with God has become a major part of that.

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