The Root: A Compilation of Poetry

In honor of national poetry month I wanted to share my compilation of poetry with you all. The Root is a compilation of 41 beautiful poems written by me. Released in June 2014, it has been one of my most prized projects to date. I couldn’t tell you the very first poem that I wrote, but it was how I discovered by gift. The title “The Root” formed in my mind effortlessly. I chose to title my book of poetry “The Root” because poetry was and forever will be the root of all things literary for me. Poetry is where I discovered that I had the ability to formulate words and those words could come out powerful and capture the heart. Poetry is where I taught myself that it is perfectly ok to pick up a pen and jot down on a note pad and express your deepest feelings. The cover image of the book is a woman growing from her roots, standing tall and producing an abundance of great things out into the universe. I like to think the image symbolizes me and my journey as a writer.


Over the years I’ve found many ways to be vocal through words. And still, nothing quite feeds my soul the way writing a poem does. Reading The Root in it’s entirety prior to completion was like a rhythmic wave for me. It was like a body of emotions that were up and down, but still satisfying to soul. So I am sharing this body of work with you in hopes it captures your spirits just the same. The Root can be purchased via Please do not be afraid to share your thoughts and opinions with me about the book. I look forward to sharing more of my books and upcoming published projects in the near future. I pray you all support.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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