Self-Love Sunday: Invest in You

It’s 2:13am here in California. I haven’t slept much because I’ve been so busy. I am lying in thinking how different my life was a year ago. I’ve entered a new phase in my life a few weeks back. That new phase being the short hair phase. I debuted my new short locs on the blog and realized just how much I was in love with change. For a moment I changed. I decided that what I once knew no longer served its purpose so I proceeded in letting it go. This new phase in my life has allowed me to except drastic change and love it. I decided to change my hair again this week. I feel like short hair has become my statement look in 2015. “When a woman cuts her hair she’s about to change her life.” – Said someone once. I could have very well misquoted that, but you get my point. I changed my hair and fell more in love with the woman I am. Change is just another form of investing in ourselves. Whether it’s changing our hair, our surroundings or the way we think about ourselves, it’s a form of wanting better.


At this point in my life the only thing on my mind is travel, growth, experiencing the world and building my writing portfolio. My goals have shifted tremendously over the past several months and it’s really been all about investing in me. I guess we hear others tell us all the time to invest in ourselves, our futures and our brands, but for me it’s been deeper than that. I’ve been focused on investing in my physical, mental and spiritual state. It’s like at a certain point in my life it clicked, that I had spent too much time investing in others before thinking of myself. As I grow older I only want people and things in my presence that support my growth. I’ve found things in my life that I love, things that offer me a sense of peace and fulfillment. Gone are the days that I just live life hoping those feelings will fall into my lap, I plan to chase them. As a child growing up I always had my freedom. I was allowed to dress as I wanted, eat what I wanted and just be me. I feel as if that sense if freedom connected me with who I am today. I’m this free spirit with such a big heart.

I care a lot about others because of that, my recent goal has been to minimize that level of care. Not in a bad way. Sometimes you just care more or want more for others than they want for themselves, that life is draining. I think the best thing I’ve ever chosen to do is invest in me. I heard that when you value yourself more, you learn to value and appreciate your peace. These days I hate for anything to interrupt my peace. I live for my privacy and peace more than ever before. I want to be happy in silence while at peace in my own world. I’ve been experiencing it a lot and it feels amazing. I truly believe it has a lot to do with living out your purpose. When you feel purposeful you give away the desire to waste precious time. You stop investing time in meaningless things, people, and places. Your focus is centered around achieving or reaching goals opposed to just living. I don’t want to just exist in life I want to be great. That desire alone makes me realize the importance of self-investment. How can one be great if she doesn’t invest in being just that? How can one be at peace if she’s giving her time and energy to those that take away from her peace? How can one live in her purpose wasting precious time and not valuing the time given to find her purpose.

The smartest thing I’ve read lately was “keep changing.” Two words changed my whole outlook on my existence. I’m never too comfortable. I’m never somewhere too long. I’m never around the same people for a long period of time if they aren’t moving in life. I move with those who are moving. I move where I have potential to grow. I guess God is more interested in changing me than he is with changing my circumstances.

There are moments where I’ve prayed for deliverance from something or someone and it didn’t happen right away. I felt that pain, I cried those tears, but in the end of it all I felt strength. God has a way of reminding us, renewing us and rebuilding us. Certain situations, relationships and or friendships are often mirrors. They are placed into our lives for us to see a clear reflection of the things we need to change. That’s self-investment!!! Take a clear look into these mirrors, invest in yourself and keep growing. Keep Changing! The only thing constant is this world is change. You want to experience that constant change too, never remain stagnant. Find something that moves you, something that speaks to you and nurture it. Anything that feeds your soul is worth nourishment. Give life to anything that helps support it’s growth in and around your life. Invest in your self-growth. See new places, meet new faces and embrace new things. Keep Changing, Keep growing, keep investing in YOU. When you’re focused on you and only you, everything else around you just seems to fall into place.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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