Weekly Wrap-Up

Hi Friends, 

How has your week been? Mine? It’s been a bit hectic and I am finally glad it’s winding down. I feel as if my week started on Saturday to be honest. Lets go through a re-cap of the weekend/week shall we?


I recorded my very first podcast feature on Right to REAL Love radio. The founder and host Jay is an amazing person to say the least. I enjoyed working with him throughout the entire process. He was extremely professional with amazing energy. The episode I recorded focuses on dating and I am super excited to share with you all. It’s set to go live sometime in June. Of course I will share links when they become available.

Also, on Saturday I spent the day shooting new photos for the blog. Have you looked around? *Twirls and gives a tour* Whoisamberjanae.com is forever evolving. It is my mission to constantly make updates and changes that supports the blog’s growth. The overall maturity of the brand itself still is mind boggling. While we aren’t where we desire to be, we are getting there. Feel free to browse around and checkout the new look. Any suggestions? Shoot them my way.


Self-Love Sunday was back like it never left. If you’ve been keeping up with all things new, you know that last Sunday I needed time to regroup. I released a vlog explaining in depth why I needed a break on Sunday and where my heart presently was. This Sunday was all about Investing in yourself. If you missed this Sunday’s post, catch it here.

This Week 

I’ve been focusing on creating new post and trying to find a great schedule that I am comfortable with. I do my best to try not and overwhelm you all with post. It’s my mission to make sure you all aren’t going crazy trying to catch up with reading what’s new. Speaking of new, To Hell With Your Limitations went live on the blog on Tuesday. A post that I am very proud of and hoping you all had the opportunity to check it out.

In The Works 

My latest book has been taking up a lot of my spare time. If you watched the vlog post mentioned above you’d know that Transparency underwent some major changes during it’s creative process. While it’s not even mid-way complete, the title to the book has changed as well as the cover art. I know, I know it’s a lot but I have my reasons. I will be revealing all that’s new with that project soon. I just shot the cover photos for the book, which was SWEET. I am looking to add the finishing touches on the cover art and do the big reveal soon. Other than that, it’s just me here. I am constantly trying to find ways to be innovative and keep you all interested in everything the blog has to offer. Planning on doing a book Giveaway for A Woman’s Quest to Self-Love soon. I am trying to update the book and release some limited edition copies. Sound cool? Have you read the book? Did you enjoy it? What did or didn’t you like? I’d love to hear your feedback.


I have more books than my self-help book. I have a fiction anthology titled Sacrifices Love and Deception and a compilation of poetry titled The Root. Please check them out by clicking the links. All of the books are also on the home page. Clicking the cover will take you directly to purchasing info. I hope to venture back into fiction soon. I love using my imagination to create fictional characters. But, priorities people. One book at a time right? I’d like to close out this post on a positive note. I find that there is nothing more powerful in your life then when we discover our purpose. It is intended for us to find the things that we are passionate about and walk in our purpose. It could be extremely frustrating feeling as if you haven’t found your purpose in life. A few weeks back I wrote a post 4 Ways to Tap Into Your Purpose. A very inspiring post that I know you’ll love. Hopefully it gives the push you need in the right direction.

Because Tech and Fashion aren’t commonly associated with one another and my friend has a kick ass blog dedicated to both. Allthatiskim.com is one of my favorite blogs. I am not the most tech savvy gal, but to have a friend who’s into it keeps me on my toes. Founded by Kim Grant, Kim uses her blog to share how technology has changed our worlds with combining those insights with her fashionable touch. A blog I am obsessed with, check it out.

Hope you all enjoyed this weeks wrap up post. I am going to try to get in the habit of posting these weekly, if not bi-weekly. Looking forward to a kick ass week next week on the blog. Have an amazing weekend friends!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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