Self-Love Sunday: Check Your Security Level With Self

“The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.” – Beyoncé 

I was reading my nightly devotional the other night and my lesson was “God’s Gifts.” In the lesson, Joyce Meyer spoke on being equipped with certain gifts, but how everyone around her also had their strong points.  It’s very important that we focus on being our best so that we are eventually aligned with others who compliment us. When we develop partnerships in life, professional or personal there is always something that we possess that the other party doesn’t and vice versa. 

Partnerships work well because we are equally yoked, however we understand that there are strong points that our partner has that we may not be so strong in. It’s an understanding that everyone in life isn’t born with the same exact gifts. We may be proficient in similar things, but how we execute a task may be totally opposite from anyone else we know. The execution in our gifts is what makes us all individually unique. Over the years I have met many gifted writers. Although we are all amazingly talented I don’t feel threatened by their craft. I don’t feel threatened because I know that my strong points won’t always be a carbon copy of someone else’s. I am confident in my talents therefore I know that there is no need for me to try to compare or compete. Same journey, different paths is how I like to look at it. 

“However, when a person lacks confidence, quite often they cannot receive help from other people. They are too busy making comparisons to receive the help that God has sent them.” – Joyce Meyer 

If we aren’t careful, our insecurities will cause us to push away the very people that have exactly what we need to progress to our next level. Don’t be so set on isolating yourself that you miss the blessings that are sent your way. When we are prisoners to our insecurities we revel in self-doubt and comparisons. These negative traits cause us to see everyone we encounter as competition opposed to seeing them as someone that could potentially help elevate us to be our best selves. Jealousy will keep you stagnant.  When we find nothing about our lives to celebrate we find it difficult to celebrate others. It’s important to know that the destinations we desire to reach in life can’t be reached alone. You need a team. You need likeminded individuals who support you and motivate you. Not everyone is your competition. Take a moment to consider your present circumstances. Have you fell victim to your jealousy in the past and ruined great, healthy connections? Self-isolation isn’t always healthy. 

A prayer for today: “Lord, you have designed me with gifts and abilities to develop and use in service of others. Keep me from being jealous of others, and help me to enjoy the journey. Amen.” – Joyce Meyer 

Check your ability to let others in. Check your level of security with self. Always know that every connection in life isn’t harmful or detrimental to where you desire to go in life. Sometimes we are in fact isolating ourselves from the very people sent to help us flourish into the best versions of ourselves. Here’s to security and confidence! 

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.  


6 thoughts on “Self-Love Sunday: Check Your Security Level With Self

  1. Your posts always touch me, and here it confirms that I need to be open to connections both professionally and personally. I have always been a person that has stayed alone, but that has changed over the last few months. God has allowed other people to enter into my life in various ways. Humbled to know that i’ll never be alone. Amber Janae does it again!

    1. Thank you so much Queen. I will say that the best thing I’ve learned is to follow my heart. Step outside of my comfort zone despite what fear I may feel. Sometimes the fear we feel about stepping into a new level in life is mistaken for our intuition. Allowing fear to make our decisions keeps us stuck and missing out on great opportunities. Take advantage of all the people God places in to your life, they are there for a reason. Wishing you all the best my love, you have my email and can reach out whenever you need to. God Bless!

  2. Yes! Joyce always has a good word that makes me take a good hard look at myself. We have to be secure in our gifts and not be worried about someone else’s. Love!

    1. Do you have the “Confident Woman” app? It’s a 365 daily devotional by Joyce. I’ve been committed to this app for 3-4 years now. It’s so worth the download. But, I agree with you our own self-security is key. As long as we concentrate on ourselves we will be lead in the right direction.

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