5 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Need To Resuscitate

Couple enjoying dinner

Could chivalry be dead? There are times when I feel very much like a hypocrite. I tell myself I won’t entertain anything or anyone that doesn’t honor my wants and needs and then the moment I get it I can’t fully accept it. Allow me to elaborate. It once irritated the hell out of me to be in a relationship and the person not picking up the phone. There are times it pays to just call to say hello opposed to a text. Now I am completely annoyed when people call me LOL.

I feel more comfortable texting for whatever annoying reason. I once complained about having to drive to certain places to meet someone opposed to them driving to pick me up. To my surprise I was asked out on a date and he told me that he was old-fashioned and preferred to pick me up. I have yet to send him my address LOL. You see what I am saying? I am a walking contradiction. I was pondering on my contradictory behavior and thought “What if the old fashion way of dating never went out of style?” What if our generation still wholeheartedly believed in courting and genuinely caring to get to know someone for who they truly are? Here a few old-fashioned dating habits that we not only need to come back in style, but us women need to learn to accept.

Disconnecting From The World:

Before we had Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat all we had was a phone call to let us know they were leaving and what time we’d need to be ready. When we were in the company of someone special we valued that time. Now days there’s the constant checking of phones and the desire to take pictures more than simply being present in the moment. Learn to be Present.

Picking Up The Phone:

We are so accustomed to this new age way of communication that we forget we can dial a number. If my man ever tweeted me to tell me to be ready I will kill him then dump him LOL. Although I have issues with just watching my phone ring when people call, I feel like if it was a common thing these days most women wouldn’t have anxiety about it. PICK UP THE PHONE!!!

Common Courtesy:

By that I mean asking a woman out on a date, not just “Sup, when can I see you?” It’s important to care about general interest, drive to her home to pick her up so she doesn’t have to drive and meet you or even worse pick you up, UGH. I believe that where we go wrong is our fear of rejection so we have a tendency to withhold a lot. A woman likes assertiveness, we appreciate straightforwardness. We really want to know a man is interested, even if it means him stepping out of his comfort zone.

Sex Talk Too Soon:

Don’t think because we had a few conversations that we are going to start discussing when we are going to get it in because the answer is probably never. There is nothing more unattractive than a man assuming sex comes automatically and you can have it when you want. Grow up!

Romantic Gestures:

I remember a time when I’d only receive flowers or gifts when I was pissed off and they were trying to win me over again. Women appreciate it more when we get sweet gifts just because. Find out what her favorite things are and go the extra mile to see that she has them. Flowers, cards, candy, surprise outings and if you want to get fancy, surprise vacations. (Hint, hint lol)

Dating is no walk in the park. There’s all types of frogs that we have to kiss to meet our Prince. While it takes two to tango, I feel as if a man sets the tone from day one then things will run smoothly. Don’t approach a woman without being clear on your intentions. Be sure you’re doing all of the above and more. Never, NEVER stop courting her. Ladies, it is our job to be receptive of all of the above. It is our responsibility to not give a man a hard time if he’s trying to prove himself and win you over. Not all men are the same, but keep in mind that not every man who approaches you deserves your time when they request it.

Happy Dating Y’all

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


13 thoughts on “5 Old Fashioned Dating Habits We Need To Resuscitate

  1. This was spot on ma’am! All the way down to the fact of not wanting to give out that address. I burst into laughter reading that. If both men and women room these things back into account (self included), oh what a wonderful world we’d live in. Until then, I’ll be home watching ratchet TV eating popcorn with my hair tied up and fuzzy socks on.

    1. Thank you for reading darling. I am with you, I be chilling. I will sit at home, pig out and update the blog until I can’t no more. I am also learning that I am distracting myself from the possibilities of life. There are so many things I am missing out on. I will say, no guy has given me that spark YET. But, when he does I will make myself open and available. It’ll happen soon. Same for you, don’t make me come pull you off of the couch lol

  2. So true! Funny thing is I’m really bad at picking up my phone during dates so my boyfriend and I have a rule to put them away when we’re spending time with each other. The great thing is that we enjoy the moments we have. I guess people simply say we don’t have a ton of pictures and we’re so private lol. To which I reply that we had a good time and we don’t need everyone to validate that.

    Which brings up a question, do you think that social media has contributed to these dating principles going away?

    1. I def. think social media has contributed to a lot of these poor habits. A lot of people are fixated on proving a point or proving their happiness. (self included, super guilty) I find that the more I remain low key, the happier I am. I commend you and your boyfriend for setting boundaries and enjoying that alone time. After a slightly public breakup a year ago I vowed to set boundaries for my next relationship. I am learning as I go. When Mr. Right comes along I think I’ll be prepared, whenever that is lol

      1. Yup we are! And you’re not alone on that. It took me a while to accept the privacy of it all. My dad (who is old school) had to remind me that likes aren’t everything and what matters most is those who truly support the relationship in “real life.” It’s a lifelong lesson and we are both still learning 🙂

  3. Everything about this. I can definitely relate to the whole texting thing – I’d rather text than be on the phone with ANYONE lol. I’d be stalling to give up my address to for an “old fashioned” date as well – it’s some crazies out here. Overall, I’m all for some good ol chivalry – even though sometimes I contradict myself and it gets to be a tad annoying. The husband understands.

  4. I love this! Preach girl!
    I remember when I had a fashion blog and did a feature (for free) for an upcoming fashion line, the owner practically drove to my house (his house is an hour or more if there’s traffic, away from mine) and gave me fresh red roses, even though I’m not a fan of flowers, I appreciated the gesture a lot but those flowers died girl haha!
    All in all, I think guys should be more romantic and not come up with “hey what are you doing tomorrrow” there’s a difference between that and genuinely respecting the lady and asking her politely.
    Till then, I hope these men get it!

    Bookie Kunlere

    1. That is the cutest thing ever. I think now days guys only assume they have to be a gentlemen for women they’re interested in and even then they get it all wrong. I have been dealing with guys who are more interested in telling me why I should give them my time rather than showing me. Dating lacks so much consistency and effort these days. Hoping things change. Thanks so much for reading and sharing 😊

      1. Yes, dating now is all about sharing pictures on Instagram and all that social media love. It’s been devalued and we (ladies) that hold it up in high esteem still can’t find love, sigh.
        You’re welcome, you have awesome content on your blog!

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