Self- Love Sunday: Happiness Accountability (Free Printables Inside)


As I continue on in life I learn everyday that my journey to self-love is an never ending one. There is always room to grow in the area of appreciating self. There are times where we all fall guilty of forgetting the importance of loving all of who we are at all times. There are even times when we put the fate of our happiness is someone else’s hands. You are responsible for your own happiness. How are you securing your happiness daily? What are some of the things in your life that are affecting your happiness? Is work draining your happiness? Are you associated with friends who don’t encourage you to smile enough? Has that relationship finally taken the last of what you had left?

I want you to review everything in your life, especially the above questions and answer them honestly. To get to the root of a problem one must first admit that there is one and the admitting of that problem comes with taking full accountability. Taking accountability over your happiness means that you are now committed to taking full inventory of the things that are no longer serving you joy. You have to be fully committed to adding and subtracting what is and what is not working. Remember that self love is all about SELF, therefore the regard of others feelings should be non-existent if you’re seeking to put you first.

The last time we all took inventory of our lives on the blog was back in January with the 3 Day Personal Growth exercise. (Get Deets by clicking the links) With this exercise we challenged each other to take full accountability and responsibility for our personal growth. It was truly amazing to see how many of you were committed to those three days. If you wish to review the instructions to the exercise and how to get started with days 1-3 please do so HERE.

My dear friend Adereni is always inspiring me to be a better person to myself. On Sunday she shared with us all her Spiritual Assistant task list, which included reminders from 8am-6:30pm. Those reminders are shown below.

FullSizeRender (32)


I wanted to challenge us all to create a spiritual assistant, but also to dig a little bit deeper. After a talk with my friend Brittiny I knew I wanted to create something special for us. I want us to really put thought into what is suffocating the peace in our lives, ultimately resulting in the control over our happiness. Every day I try to make note of what stresses me, how it makes me feel and most importantly how I can change these things. I am taking inventory on my changes. I keep track on if I am implementing these suggested changes in my life and how far I have come in the process. Accountability 101. So, now here comes the fun. I’ve created two FREE printable templates for you all. These templates were created for us all to get serious about controlling what we allow into our personal happy spaces. The things in our lives that may seem very minor eventually end up becoming bigger issues if we don’t get to the root and rid ourselves of them. How the worksheets work are pretty simple. You’ll have two worksheets, one for the month of May and one for June. Don’t worry about May soon ending, there’s still time.

(Please note that you can also access the worksheets by clicking the photos below)

FullSizeRender (30)

FullSizeRender (31)










For each month there are a list of arrows, next to those arrows you will write down things in your life that are in need of change. This list should only consist of anything that you feel eliminates peace in your life and consumes your happiness. The month of May will have five arrows and as you move forward into June you will see the arrows lessen.  This is because the challenge is, by June you should have successfully implemented a healthy practice into your life to where you’ve successfully eliminated at least ONE of these negative things from your list.

There is a box under you list in order for you to clearly express how the above list has been affecting your happiness and how can you go about changing them. Remember, BE HONEST. This whole task is about honesty and of course our favorite word, accountability. There is an additional box on the sheet which is there for you to keep track of your progress. Every day I want you to check in with yourself to see if you’re making progress and all the necessary changes. And that’s it! This exercise was designed for you to be able to do it as much as you like, whenever you like. My intent is for us all to be sure we are taking advantage of this and using Self-Love Sunday as the day we commit to completing our worksheets, but I do not want to put any limitations on how you seek snatching your happiness back.

These printables are FREE and are here for you whenever you need them. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this for the next few weeks. Please do share with others you know may want to partake. It’s a great healthy way to ensure that we are feeling our best a truly devoting time to becoming better versions of ourselves. I want to hear feedback from you all on how this process is helping or hindering you. I pray that we all learn to commit more of our time to our own happiness by refusing to give other people power over us by leaving our happiness in their hands. I am looking forward to hearing nothing BUT positive feedback. Now get to work!


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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