The Importance of Morning Routines

imageDo you believe that how you start your day is ultimately how you finish? I wasn’t always in favor of it, until one day I noticed it to be true. For the past year I’ve really been centering my focus on how I begin the first few hours of my day. Morning routines are CRUCIAL, especially if you’re like me and spending the majority of your day at the office. What’s my morning like? Glad you asked!

4:00am: I am up meditating/praying. I spend at least 10-30 minutes of meditation and prayer before I start my day. I do not touch my phone or at least try not to until I’ve had a little morning me time. Water is always on deck, waiting on the nightstand when I awake. I make sure I drink lots of water while getting ready for work, remembering to take my daily vitamins. All for good health and flawless skin.

5:45am: I am out the door. In between my time of getting ready and leaving for work I am quietly meditating and centering thoughts. Whatever I focus on tends to make or break the mood that I am in. During my commute to work I make sure that I am positive music to keep me in a good mood and a positive state of mind.

7:00am: I am sitting at my desk, turning on my space heater, having my morning coffee, and opening my outlook. This is also the time I take the initiative to tweet a few links to new blog post or advertise about books. (All while working of course hehe.) I multi task in the morning. I try to avoid social media as much as possible for the first few hours of my day. It limits me taking in any negative energy from the outside world. Notice the time-lapse in which I avoid being online. A good healthy break with no social media, text messages or phone calls.

8:00am: I am fully nestled into work and being the kick ass employee I know how to be. I utilize breaks and downtime at the office to respond to emails pertaining to I also do my best to interact on social media as much as possible on the days a new post has gone live. By 8:00am the tone is set for the day. I am in such a positive state of mind that regardless of what goes wrong I make the initiative to keep my mood the same.

Why are morning routines so crucial? Because starting your day with healthy positive thoughts really helps determine the fate of the rest of your day. Meditation, positive music, etc. really helps set the tone. I listed worrying as one of my goals for the month of June that I hope to get rid of. I noticed a behavioral pattern in myself that often results to me worrying, that pattern is my thoughts during the morning.

As minor as it may seem, once it starts off on the wrong foot it’s really hard to retract your day. While it is extremely difficult to plan out an entire day, devoting time to making sure you’re in a positive mood and head space throughout the day is a great start.  It’s all about good health and protecting your energy. You do this by setting boundaries that are beneficial to you, but also limit the power other people have to change your mood. Other great benefits to my morning routine?

  • What I do for more than 21 days has become a healthy habit for all days to follow.
  • I find myself constantly focusing on allowing ONLY healthy things into my personal space.
  • Each day I discover new ways to make the next day better than before.
  • I come home in a great mood, inspired to work.

Try creating a list. What do you think will be beneficial to you every morning to insure you start your day off right? Remember, it is said that what one does for 21 days straight becomes a habit. Be sure that the morning routine you set out to create consist of healthy habits. Happy Routine’n!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


16 thoughts on “The Importance of Morning Routines

  1. Awesomeness! I really need to stay off social media in the morning so I can stay away from negativity, and toward the end of my day to decompress before I go to bed.

  2. I love this! I probably won’t be up at 4:30am thought, but big props to you for being able to do that! I’m trying to set my morning routine now to be able head to the gym/ do yoga. Definitely agree with your policy of no social media first thing in the morning!!

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 4:30 is draining on my body. By Friday at 3:30pm I am ready for hours worth of a nap just to catch up. It’s really helped to have morning routines because it lessens my crankiness from having to be awake so early lol. I would definitely say to make time for yoga and/or morning meditation sessions. You’ll feel so renewed and refreshed.

  3. I love this post! The whole routine has been so difficult for me, for years. I notice that whenever my emotions go on a frenzy I usually flop horribly. Over the years I’ve been able to shorten this time of inconsistency but it still needs major work. Thanks for the in depth look into your morning routine, will work on mine as well.

    1. I truly appreciate you reading. Trust me, my attempts at first flopped. I was so uncommitted. Once you go through the tug or war routine you tire yourself out and eventually surrender lol. I pray that your routine journey is successful. Please do share. 🙂

  4. I definitely would love to implement a better morning ritual to start my days! Would you mind me asking what time you aim to go to bed?

  5. I have to say that you are brilliant,you have inspired me to push through my pain and abuse. After reading several articles from your blog,you really have encouraged me to move on and to have faith!
    Thanks so much!amberjanae

    1. This means so much to me to know that my work has helped inspire you on your journey. I am wishing you the best of luck in everything in life. Stay encouraged and stay faithful.

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