What Is Life: A Random Entry


What is life…

I promised that I would do my best to keep up with personal entries. Well here we are. Nearly two weeks into June and right now my only focus is me. I am constantly looking toward the future. Always reaching toward change. My only desire in life is to be a better woman. Every day I am grateful for God’s continued blessings, always praying for the nourishment of my mind and spirit. Learning more to lean toward prayer when life seems as if it’s lacking clarity. I want nothing more than to walk toward the direction of who/what is for me, leaving anything that is not for me behind.

I am teaching myself to keep the fate of my journey tied to my own faith. One must learn the value of not seeking answers from others who are lost on a journey of their own. There are times in our lives when we go seeking answers or validation from people who aren’t qualified to give us the answers that we need. It’s best to just trust God, pray while continuously moving forward. I’ve been on this journey of self-discovery, teaching myself that you can never know too much about you. I love me more than ever before. Learning to embrace every part of my body, resisting the urge to pick myself apart as I once did in the past. Every day I feel closer to greatness. My mind is focused on being 100% unapologetically myself.

Focusing on my life, where I have been and where I see myself going. I am honest about my mistakes while never forgetting to celebrate my accomplishments. With every day bringing endless possibilities, I revel in the joy each day brings. The plan is to concentrate on hard work. Giving my time to only things that are substance. Less of doing what will not benefit me in the long run. I have the chance to write a new story on my life’s journey every day and that is more than worth celebrating. I vow to only focus on the things that are of importance. Being truly aware of all that matters in my life. As I center all of my attention on creating an authentic life, I want to produce nothing unless it is a true reflection of who I am. As I live my life authentically, I embrace self-love, discipline and an enjoyable life. Here’s to the future!



One thought on “What Is Life: A Random Entry

  1. Absolutely love this. I feel the same way. As you saw I am too.learning to seek and lean on God. As He is truly a constant within my life. So nice to see another woman of colour blossom into a beautiful flower to all to see. Continue to share, care and live life. Stay blessed.

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