4 Essentials For A Great Blog

photo-1417733403748-83bbc7c05140A Great Appearance:

When I visit other blog sites the first thing I am captivated by is its appearance. I look at the colors, the layout and everything in between. No one like an overcrowded, uninviting blog. No matter how great your content is, if it’s difficult for me to navigate through your blog due to lack of structure I stop visiting. You also want to be sure that your readers/viewers aren’t bombarded with pop ups and music/random voices from ads making it difficult for them to read your content in peace.

A Domain Name:

If you’re serious about your blog then get it a domain name. The best investment that you could ever make. If you want to be taken seriously then, DUH purchase a domain.


“Your laziness is an insult to the people who believe in you.” – Source Unknown

I read the above quote scrolling through my Instagram the other day and it really hit hard. I am one of those women who is perfectly happy sleeping. I can sleep whenever, wherever all while feeling not an ounce of shame about it. I reevaluated the time I invested in my blog earlier this year. Was I half assing things? Was I actually taking the time to create quality content for my readers? Was I rushing through post, forgetting to proofread making it difficult to understand what was being said? (Still Queen of the typos.) I’ve learned that what you don’t see fit to invest in others will not. If you think it is okay to half ass things then how do you expect others to believe in what you don’t care about? God blesses us with a vision, but he will not magically give us what we do not work for. Be consistent, do the work!!!

Social Sites:

Along with having links to your social sites clearly visible on your blog, you should have a great social media presence. Giving attention to your social sites is also key. You don’t have to drown your life in being active online, but consistency in this area is just as important as consistency on your actual blog. Be sure that you’re sharing positivity and light. Your overall appearance as a blogger is important. There’s a way to speak and be informative, but there is also a way to speak while sounding harsh and negative. What you’re saying and how you’re saying is crucial. Essentially your blog and social sites is your resume. It’s your introduction into the world. People are watching so be sure you’re being positive. By any means do not dim your light or attempt to be someone you are not.

Happy Blogging!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


9 thoughts on “4 Essentials For A Great Blog

    1. It’ll come to you. What worked for me was considering the colors I like to see. I also rely a lot on my close friends who read my blog. Their input is important because they are apart of my audience. I used to be afraid to invest money into my blog, but it’s made all the difference. Let me know if you’d like any ideas or pointers. Always here to help out

      1. Yes I need help finding the perfect theme to suit my minimalist personality, I checked Etsy but the ones I love are only for wordpress.org and it’s a lot of stress transferring my blog from wordpress.com to .org
        Help haha!

  1. I am a relatively new blogger and just stumbled across your work (via the #Little Lights of Mine tag) and I’m absolutely inspired. Love your work, I just subscribed. In your spare time, please check out The Posh Nosh, my blog, as I am trying to build a network within the blogging community. Happy Blogging!

    1. I appreciate you so much for reading. First off, congrats on the launch of your blog. I know that you will be successful in all that you put your mind to. Secondly, thank you for the kind words and compliments. They come at the perfect time since I’ve been in a bit of a blogger slump this week. Thank you so much. I will be sure to check out your blog. I’d like to recommend a view blogging communities to you if you don’t mind. Consider looking into the #blackgirlswhoblog hashtag via twitter and Instagram. Also, check out Brown girl Bloggers and Black Bloggers United. There are so many great communities for you to be apart of to showcase your work with us and the world itself. Looking forward to reading soon. xoxo

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