A Little Reminder 

My secret to life is prayer. I try my hardest not to let what I’m striving for overshadow God, his word and teachings. Simply put, I pray. I commit to being better daily. It’s a struggle to continue to live in your purpose & not be moved by our desires to want instantaneous success. The strength to not conform to the things of this world and feed our fleshly desires isn’t something we are we rewarded for. It’s actually promoted to do the complete opposite. When reaching for success, trust that you are not guaranteed anything without living life according to Gods word. Sometimes it’s not about the success, but more about who we become in the process. As God continues to send me blessings, I focus not on the excitement, but praying endlessly that I am not too caught up in the moments to forget about Him! Sending you all love and light. May God Propel you into who you are called to be. Stay prayerful and faithful. I love you, all! 


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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