Ayesha Curry, Why She’s Such An Inspiration To Other Women

image.jpegWhen I think of a strong, inspiring, rock-mom and devoted wife, Ayesha Curry is like the epitome of all of the above and more. I don’t remember when I first, first discovered that Ayesha was a blogger, but it made me love her more. I would binge watch her YouTube channel and semi stalk her Instagram thinking, “Gosh, I just love her and why didn’t God make us friends?” If you’ve been living under a rock, Ayesha is the wife of MVP and now NBA champion Stephen Curry. Steph and the entire Golden State Warriors helped take my home team all the way this year, so excited is an understatement. All of which could not be possible without our real MVP Miss Riley Curry who is the two-year old daughter/star of these two great parents.


Being that I am a Bay Area Native, it brings me much joy to see such a faith driven family get all of the blessings that they deserve. We all know that a family that prays together stays together. I think itS safe to say that with any great family, God blesses it with a rock that keeps it together, full of love, light and strength. Ayesha just so happens to be all of that and more for her family. In a recent interview with Hello Beautiful, I learned more about Ayesha’s sacrifices as a woman and what she lives for. It is truly rare that you find others who will sacrifice what they love to be everything that someone else needs them to be. Us Bayarean’s love you Steph, but I think we all agree that Ishi Boo is the real MVP here. More reasons why Ayesha Curry is the REAL MVP? I thought you all would never ask.


She Keeps God First:

In a society that has a difficulty staying above its moral decline, you’d think that we’d all be a little more on fire for God. I think there are many of us who just don’t think it is cool or just feel more comfortable living to feed the desires of our flesh. What I admire about Ayesha and the entire Curry family is that no matter what, God is the foundation for all that they do. It is very important that we learn to keep God first while acknowledging him for all of our life’s blessings. We are nothing without him, by Him I mean God. Ayesha and Co. make sure to let it be known that all Glory goes to God.

She is SUPER family oriented:

Talk about a rock-mom. I love that she instills in little Riley to embrace all of what is important and to unapologetically be who she is. As a child, you are just rolling with life. You’re not too sure how you got here until you hit a certain age, so when you’re young it’s awesome to be able to be who you are without restrictions. I love that Ayesha encourages that early. She’s certainly not concerned about conforming to the media’s standards on what motherhood should look like. “Steph and I are young parents still trying to figure it all out.” She says. I know that Steph is truly lucky to have such a supportive wife. Overtime I’ve observed and come to the conclusion that she truly is his number 1 fan.


She’s Ambitious:

“What you cooking wit, these is real mitts?” – Ayesha Curry

Determined to be more than just the coolest wife and mother in the world. After giving up her acting career, Ayesha found other ways to share her gifts with us all. Little Lights of Mine is truly a blessing to all of us who failed at hanging in the kitchen when Grandma was cooking. With a growing fan base for her blog, Youtube channel, Ayesha is also the proud founder of her own olive oil and fancy aprons. Taking over local Bay Area magazines and cooking it up for millions, Ayesha is the epitome of an ambitious woman making a name for herself. Since this post originally went live, Ayesha has scored her own show with the food Network and wrote her own cookbook. We can’t wait to see what great recipes she has in store for our inner foodie.

She Makes Being Yourself Cooler Than Ever Before:

In a world full of false perceptions and facades, we are often drowned out by women who aren’t comfortable with embracing their natural selves. The laughing stalk of many hurtful memes, bashed on twitter and called names, Ayesha has proven that her strength and being herself reigns supreme. I think what’s cool is that Ayesha is always like this is me, take it or leave because I love it. She’s not afraid to voice what she believes in and doesn’t really care who accepts it or not. I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her in person, YET, but I can always tell a genuine spirit when I see one. She doesn’t promote anything outside of being the amazing, classy mother she is and she’s always her loving, bubbly self on and off the camera. Nothing beats a woman who isn’t afraid of being silly while simultaneously making it look freaking awesome.

As a blogger myself, it’s no secret that I love Ayesha more because of our like interest. I think I speak for the whole Bay when I say we couldn’t be prouder to have such amazing examples be the family that is a huge contribution for such a great, celebratory year for us all. Whether it’s cooking with the pot, being hubby’s number fan or the MVP mom, there is a lot that we can learn from Ayesha. In my opinion, it isn’t always about finding others that you can look up to. It truly pays to find those you can relate to, that are of the same age and are faithful believers. Ayesha is a beautiful woman, inside and out, one whom will forever have my support all while teaching me the tricks of the trade in keep my future hubby’s belly happy. 🙂


Ayesha you Rock!!!



3 thoughts on “Ayesha Curry, Why She’s Such An Inspiration To Other Women

  1. This is an amazing tribute and everything you shared about Ayesha Curry is spot on. Her husband, daughter and family are truly blessed to have such a phenomenal woman be a part of their lives. The outside world is blessed to be inspired by her.

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