The Man Fast 2.0: The Awkward Start

“Awkward is as awkward does” – Someone, somewhere.

tHE (1)When you hear the word “fasting” you automatically think of subtracting things such as unhealthy food, bad habits etc. out of your life. I hadn’t heard of fasting on men up until a few months ago and in all honesty, I thought it was pretty silly. The more I heard about it, the more I read into it, the more I was ready to give in and accept the challenge. To reiterate on why I started this journey, it wasn’t because I had an insane addiction to men. In fact, it’s actually been the quite opposite for me. I started this journey to really get to the root of unresolved issues. I was seeking clarity. I wanted a better understanding of that I had gone through in the past and to me, the only way to avoid those things in the future is to discover the triggers so they’d never resurface.

I did realize that I had started this weird trend of holding conversations with people of the opposite sex that I could careless to talk to. They were just occupying my downtime when I was bored. A huge unhealthy trend that I have been adamant on breaking. The truth is, I don’t want to spend my 20’s desiring commitment or marriage, I want it to all form organically. I want to know that when I do decide to take that step again that it is all being done for all of the right reasons. I think the most selfish thing we can do to ourselves is cling to a situation or someone because it is convenient.

“Being comfortable being a single woman and wanting to be a single woman are not the same thing, in case that wasn’t clear.” – Morgan Pitts 

The Announcement:

This journey has been awkward to say the least. Starting with having to tell everyone you’re going on a man fast and come June 1st don’t reach out to me for 31 days. I admit I felt silly. Out of the few guys who I had to tell, I got positive responses and then there was the ones who didn’t quite take the hint.

The Case of The Ex(s):

When reading about other women’s journey on their men fast, they spoke about their exes resurfacing out of thin air. I laughed thinking they included this to add theatrics to their story. It was all fun and games until it actually happened to me lol. The joy in it all was actually watching my phone ring and ignoring it. I thoroughly enjoyed reading text and deleting the threads immediately after. No feeling beats not having to explain why a door needs to remain shut.

The Hard Part:

I have male friends who are either committed to their long time girlfriend’s or married. I reached out to them around day 4 to ask if they thought I was going crazy. All of them had the same advice “I think that this journey will be therapeutic for you.” So I kept going despite feeling like I could possibly be embarking on a journey for my own selfish reasons. The most difficult part has been staying committed.

What I’ve Learned Thus Far:

One of the most profound realizations about myself I discovered is, I deeply crave to one day be married. I want what I want, but I am making sure my wants don’t cause me to accept any less than what I deserve. I also concluded that I am far more protective and cautious on who allow into my space. I need to know that you are worthy my time. Any man who I told I was on this fast and he proceeded in contacting me after I told him, will not be hearing from me again. It shows that he doesn’t respect my seriousness to commit to being a better version of myself. I have also been analyzing the few guys that I’ve cut ties with for this journey. They are nothing like anyone from my past. In fact, they are aligned with me. They are completely in tune with all that I seek and desire in life, signs that I am growing for the better, while moving in the right direction. When you attract what you desire in life, you’ve shifted with the universe to become who you need to be in order to accept it and be prepared for it.


On this journey I have started reading “How A Man Fast Can Change Your Life” by: Natasha Scripture

Natasha documents her journey on fasting from men and the positive changes that can occurring from choosing to fast. I have enjoyed what I’ve read thus far. If you’re considering taking on this journey I definitely recommend you picking up this book, as well as few of the others Natasha recommends.

So, as you can see June has been a trying month. Full of test of self-trust and deep leaps of faiths. Have  I slipped up a few times? Of course I have, but when you’re not used to something you’re bound to make mistakes. I am holding myself accountable when I do not make good on my promises, but also being sure to not hang it over my own head for the next few weeks. I am just in search of a more light hearted mentally healthy, and emotionally secure version of me. I am excited to share the goals that I set for my journey, if I accomplished them all and everything else that I’ve learned on this break from the opposite sex. All of that is coming in The Man Fast 3.0, stay tuned.

When you attract what you desire in life, you’ve shifted with the universe to become who you need to be in order to accept it and be prepared for it. -Amber Janae

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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