6 Reasons Why You Should Be Obsessed With Brunch


I do not know one wise woman who isn’t insanely obsessed with having brunch. It’s literally a written rule that one must brunch at least every other weekend of the month. There are very few things on this earth that we women can agree on, pickings are slim, real slim. I can tell you when we do agree, we are in agreement of men with beards, hoarding great handbags and shoes and BRUNCH!!! Men, I am just going to let you know that not being into brunch is grounds to never get a second date or a first date that for that matter. So if she loves brunch you better love it too. It’s not rocket science, life without brunch would be void. So why aren’t you obsessed with brunch again? Not sure why, but I am going to give you 6 reasons why you should be.


Bottomless Mimosa’s:

When the girls and I brunch our infamous request when ordering mimosa’s is for the bartender to be light on the orange juice. I mean seriously? $13 dollars for all you can drink champagne, sign me up, please and thank you!

Bonding Time With Great Women:

While this should have been number one on my list, I do not feel an ounce of guilt because I know my friends who read would agree on the order this went in. *smiles* While the champagne and oj is a great reason to love brunch, nothing beats connecting with true friends and celebrating life.




Carbs Are Non-Existent:

Diet, shimet! Are we seriously going to monitor our carb intake at brunch? It’s like a written rule somewhere that brunch day is a national cheat day. I have no rules or standards when it comes to food at brunch. Those who know me personally would say that to be true every day of my life when it comes to food, but that is beside the point. The point is, brunch is a day to live it up and ignore rules. Order those Belgian waffles and that extra side of bacon, girl.


It’s A Great Way to Plan Events Before or After Having Brunch:

I think one of our best brunch days was getting our makeup done in San Francisco in the morning and heading over to a local brunch spot afterward all dolled up. There’s nothing like a good face beat to go with your mimosas.


It’s An Excuse To Dress Up:

Literally every brunch the dress code is the same: “Everything attire is strongly encouraged.” Meaning, if you need to scroll Instagram to get outfit ideas from your favorite fashionista bloggers you’ve been given a fair warning. I truly believe that anytime you make the effort to dress up when attending an event it makes the day that much more special.

FullSizeRender (22)

It’s Fun:

Aside from being fit for any occasion, brunch is literally the ultimate social event of the season, ANY SEASON. Who doesn’t like to let their hair down after a long week and enjoy laughter, discussions about life and so much more? It’s so fun to live carefree for the day while being full of bacon.



A Few Tips For A Great Brunch:

  • Find a fun way to announce it. Flyers, group calendars, videos etc. Get your guest excited about the day.
  • Always send invites at least a week in advance.
  • Pick a day with great weather.
  • The classier the venue the more your life feels upgraded.
  • Plan ahead to do something fun before or afterward.
  • Oh, and wherever you end up, please make sure the mimosas are bottomless.

Happy Brunch’n, xo!


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