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It is still very much amazing to me the results I’ve experienced and the changes in myself I have seen from choosing to do The Man Fast. Aside from going through the process, sharing it all with you was the second best decision I’ve made this summer. I think what is more rewarding is those who notice your strength through the process and are in support of you and your journey. This week, Devon Young who is the author of wrote a review on his thoughts about my man fast journey. When I saw the link my first initial thought was “Omg, he’s probably going to think this was such a silly idea.” To my surprise the review was the complete opposite. I was very humbled by Devon’s review. I truly enjoyed reading it and hope that you all will too. Check out Dev’s review on The Man Fast Series parts 1-3.

So one day I was just cruising my twitter feed looking for blogs to check out, and what came across my TL was a blog entitled The Man Fast, and of course when I saw it I was curious as to what it entailed. Now I’m not going to lie to you, when I saw the tittle, I really thought it was going to be another man bashing post, but I’ve seen how the author @whoisamberjanae interacts with her TL and from her blog she seemed like a pretty well rounded woman, who’s done some extraordinary things. Before I get into the whole review of the blog series, here are the links for each entry in the series and I implore you to read it before you continue, especially if you’re one of my female readers:


The Man Fast | 2.0: The Awkward Start | 3.0: What I Walked Away With

Done? Ok let’s continue then lol.


The first thing I want to do is commend Amber for taking that next step in life. It takes a very big person to admit that they are not where they want to be and that their priorities are all over the place at the moment, but it takes an even bigger person to commit to change for the better. It’s not always easy being critical of yourself and being perceptive enough to recognize the need for change, we tend to be too hard on ourselves, or lack there of, to even admit to personally that we need to make a change, let alone publicly. So on that front I do give her the highest of praises for coming to that conclusion and then letting us be apart of that journey.


The next thing that I was impressed with was the setup and the depth that followed in each post with ending results. That’s the key thing with series, either it’s open ended with endless entries, as I have so many on my site, or they can be short but effective group of posts. This was a blog series that stated it’s purpose, gave the depth and struggles over the month and then it executed all of the revelations and lessons learned in the last entry. This is an example of how to execute a series without much need for a lot of words, and with a clear and concise agenda with conclusion.

Read More Here!


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