Inspiring Quote: The Moments of Right Now

all we have is now. focus on the journey (1)

While I was away on a little vacation I stopped to read my bible plan. In the middle of laughter and fun with friends my daily message was on “Enjoying Life.” A trip I almost didn’t go on turned out to be a trip that I truly needed. Every day I am reminded that living in the now and celebrating the present is what is important. Refusing to live and celebrate our blessings by assuming that, that is the life we were all destined is ultimately failing ourselves.

I think the greatest tragedy in life is to live and not enjoy life. If you are warring with yourself all the time, you are not enjoying life. God changes us from us from one degree of glory to another, but don’t forget to enjoy the glory you are in right now while you are headed to the next one. Don’t compare the glory you are in with the glory of some friend or family member who appears to be in a greater degree of glory. Each of us is an individual, and God deals with us differently, according to what He knows we need and can handle. You may not notice changes on a daily basis, but as you look back over time you will see very definite changes in yourself.” –Joyce Meyer 

Today’s quote is to inspire you to enjoy life. Life is nothing if you aren’t living in the moments of right now. Do not worry about the past or what has come or gone. Do not focus on the future for within it lies things you can not change or foresee before they arrive. Live in the present. Be courageous about all that you pursue and only focus on where you are now. Enjoy your present season by focusing on where you are and not over worrying about what is to come or where you are headed.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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