Self-Love Sunday: Sandra Was Love

I Love My Blackness and Yours.Deray Mckesson 


Sandra was a true depiction of a woman who loved herself whole heartedly. I think one of my favorite things I’ve heard her say in a video was “I know a lot of y’all don’t believe in God, but on Sandy Speaks I’m going to talk about God.” Her love for self was a clear indication that she valued all of who she was because she trusted that she was created in the likeness of God. Her love for herself allowed her to share that love with so many of us around the world. Sandra was an advocate for change in this country. Sandra wanted us all to know just how powerful we are. Sandra fought daily to help every black person see the value in our futures, everyday letting us know that we are kings and Queens. It’s not fable, we are decedents of the most high. You are Royalty!

Sandra Bland mattered. Sandra had a voice and she used it. Sandra wanted us to live free of racial injustice, but died at the hands of the law because of what she believed in. If Sandra doesn’t inspire you to do anything she should inspire you to love. The love in Sandra inspired her to reach out often speaking up for all of us because in her eyes we all mattered. I have woken up every morning with a woman I have never met on my mind. Although we have never met, she and I are sisters through God. I love Sandra as I love myself. Let’s continue to be vocal about the brutal killings on Black Lives. Let’s not the names of so many of our fallen Queens and Kings go in vain. When we learn to love ourselves we stop spewing hate into everyone or everything we encounter. We approach life with meaning and purpose and we start allowing others to witness the greatness of love for self and its power.

I want us all to take a moment to evaluate where we stand presently on the level of love we have for ourselves. If the love you have for you continuously allows you to only think of you, you have more work to do. When we are full of love we begin to empower our brothers and sisters to see the value in themselves. We begin to uplift and unite as one opposed to only thinking of ourselves. I pray we all find a little bit of love and continue to spread it. I pray we don’t derail from what we believe in until the world knows and understands that Black Lives matters. We have to see our value, we have to know our worth, we have to believe in our power, we have to love ourselves to know that we can conquer anything in this world and that includes generational change. Always remember that the first step to change is self. Love thy self. Honor thy self so much that love, honor and respect is all you know how to give to others. If you find no value in innocent lives being taken, if you feel no compassion or pain when someone loses their lives senselessly you are part of the problem and self-evaluation is a must!!!




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