Inspiring Quote: The Blessing In Disguise

I knew I had grown when I was searching for the
answers on what God was trying to show me. I
knew I had matured when I was more concerned
about what I took from my situation opposed to
what it took from me.  – Amber Janae

We can spend our whole lives basing the present and the future on what has happened to us or we can choose to live in peace and move forward. Had I not known the value of dissecting the lessons from every situation I would be walking around living as a victim. Me understanding that I took away more positive from every negative situation that I’ve encountered helped me to put life into a broader perspective. You are not your circumstances. Everything that you’re enduring right now is to give you strength, empower you and enlighten you. Do not drown in the pain swim through it. You do not just go through anything, you’re meant to grow through it. It’s only temporary. Our struggles in life are merely blessings in disguise.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Blessed. 


This quote is a small excerpt from my short novel titled: A Book About Nothing. If you’re interested in reading more from A Book About Nothing, click HERE.


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