Self-Love Sunday: You’re On Assignment

You’re on assignment this Sunday…

I know you’re probably thinking “what is this woman talking about?” I am happy to explain. When I first kicked off Self-Love Sunday’s back in January of this year it was on a fluke. While I had no idea that so many of you would be receptive of the series as well as anticipating it every Sunday, I took my chances with it. I am grateful that I chose to document me catering to myself that faithful Sunday afternoon because it’s now become a habit. You know I always tell you all, what you do for 21 days naturally becomes a habit. Reminding ourselves of the love we so desperately need from us is one hell of a positive habit to form. I was driving home the other day and was curious as to how many of you read on Sunday’s and really apply the post to your life? How many of you are really taking the time out to devote one if not seven days, all to you? Are you creating the habit of doing something nice for yourself? Are you seeking change internally?

It gets difficult to carve out time for ourselves. Most of us are working 40 hours a week in our day jobs. A lot of us are in school 24/7. More than half of us are working our day jobs and running blogs or businesses on the side. It’s really difficult to say you know what, I am going to go buy myself a nice pair of shoes or I am going to go buy myself flowers or even better, I am going to lie in bed all day and treat myself to good food while watching Netflix. Devoting time to ourselves is important. One of my favorite friends on earth just had a birthday back in July. I spent my Sunday shopping for her. While I was shopping for something that wasn’t for me, I found pure joy in doing something that made me. I knew it’d put a smile on someone else’s face so it brought me joy as well. I will admit that I picked up a pair of heels that day. When I got to the register I felt terrible. I was like “damn, these are cute, but it defeats the purpose of my mission.” I told the cashier I didn’t want the shoes. When I got into the car I thought that if it was meant to be they’d be there next week. I was praying to God that they were because it was the last 7 ½ on the shelf LOL. It all worked in my favor because I went back and got the shoes that next week.

I said all of that to say, you are the most relevant person in your life. Before you seek to make anyone else happy you have to be happy first. You have to give love to you before you can go throwing it out all willy nilly lol. Your assignment this Sunday is to do something nice for you. I don’t care if you go out and buy yourself a candle, find a way to treat yourself. When you give yourself the gift of the simple things it makes a whole hell of a difference in your life. It becomes trendy to look out for you. And when you love you so much you can stop and take the time to show love to others because you feel good about you inside and out. So, no excuses boo. When you’re done reading get to work. I want you all to spend the day or even a few hours doing something that feeds your soul, do something that makes you smile. I am saying this because I am out enjoying my life treating myself this weekend. Take a break, recharge, you deserve it. I need us all to get comfortable with the one who matters most. Most importantly, I need us all to get comfortable with catering to ourselves. Happy Self-Love Sunday!

P.S. I will be expecting see comments, messages, emails and tweets about how you spent your Sunday. You are on assignment so take it seriously. “I ain’t playing wit chu peggy!” LOL

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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