Barely Beating 

I have this burning desire to be next to you, but uncertainty leaves me unsure of what’s next with you. My true feelings suppressed as my mind recollects the nights I spent lying across your chest. You’re not the type I can love freely. You’re not even close to the type of man I can get my hands on, but my lust for you is too strong. I’m in a pool of remorse, drowning in regret. Living off of the memories of your kisses because my thoughts are all I have left. A spark that became a flame and a flame that died out too quickly. I’m remembering the fire in your eyes, that glare will forever remain with me. A timeless tale survived off sweet hellos and sad goodbyes. If I said I wasn’t yearning for your embrace I’d be telling lies. I day dream of your hugs. I reminisce on your kisses. I regret the way I feel because as each day passes my soul knows you’ll forever missing. I regret to inform my heart that a dream was sold and expectations were built off of lust filled fantasies. Still in the back of my mind thoughts linger, I find myself questioning can there be a you and me? I don’t know if I’m coming or going, staying or leaving. All I know is that our memories I’m forever keeping. It is you I am forever needing because without you near my heart is barely beating.



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