Guest Post: Your Dream Ain’t Even About You

Armed with your vision boards and deep passionate prayers, you set out on the journey to make it all come true.  In the pit of your stomach, you know YOUR dreams motivate you.  YOUR every step is determined by making those goals you daydream about a reality. All of that is fine but YOU forget that YOUR dreams ain’t even about you.

Wait. What? My dream isn’t about me?

No. It’s not.

Allow me to break it down. This life. This journey. These blessings. This platform you have (however big or small). Everything that you are and that you will become is ALL so someone else can rise and reach their full potential. You are the vessel that God will work through.

Now, that is not to say stop envisioning your future. By all means, focus on getting your chosen career, awesome vacations or whatever else you want. But don’t think that you getting that corner office is just for YOUR bragging rights and bank account. It’s bigger than you. It’s about opening the doors of financial, social and passion building freedom for you and your family.

Your dream is bigger than you.

I didn’t understand the gravity of wanting to be a professional writer. Very few in my family have set or achieved that goal. Yes, artistic talent is in my blood.  I have Uncles, Aunts, and Cousins who excell in the area.  The type of writer I see myself as, no one has taken that journey. Yet. I believe this is my God-given purpose so with every essay, play or piece that I script I put my heart into it. These words will not just get me to where I desire to be in life, but it will open up the doors for my future children and children’s children. If they want an artistic career, they will have an easier time “getting in” because I have already blazed a path.

Your dream is bigger than YOUR family.

Because you are making the sacrifices today for a better tomorrow, your family will benefit.  That’s fantastic. But, again, your dreams are even bigger than your present and future inner circles. Your tenacity will inspire your community. It may be that you finished college, or that you run an well put together blog. Whatever it is, people are watching. I can guarantee that they are moving forward because of the light you are shining.

Your dream is bigger than YOUR future.

When you peer at your yearly goals, you let your mind wonder to your incredible future. Get lost in it. Embrace it. Protect it. Then come back and get to work. Your dream is bigger than your future. Your achieving will change the world.

Really? My dream will change the world?

God gave that dream came to YOU and you are the only person who can execute it. I believe that we look at people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Michelle Obama as if they are so extraordinary. The truth is they are. They faced extreme opposition, challenges and hardships to get where they are today. Why did they make it? They realized that their dreams were bigger than them.

Your dream ain’t even about you.

You are extraordinary.  That’s why you have to complete the task. The song you are writing is going to be heard by thousands.  Your history  lessons will empower the youth. Your medical research will save millions of lives.  Once you grasp the concept of this power boiling inside of you waiting to break free.  Once you see your passions the way God sees them you will understand…your dream is far more grand than you can imagine.  That’s why it ain’t even about you.


Jelisa Jay Robinson is a writer and playwright. Her work has been featured on Quirky Brown Love, Her Campus and is regular contributer to Real Brown Girls and The LatiNegrxs Project. Jelisa hopes to spread empowerment, joy and peace to the world through writing.  You can catch her musings on fierceness, Afrolatinidad, and art on her blog, Black Girl, Latin World, and Twitter @jelisathewriter.


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