Self-Love Sunday: Embrace Your Vulnerability 

I came across a Facebook video the other day and it talked about how as women we’ve become so hard. There was a time when we were soft. There was a time that we were open to experiencing life all while being unafraid of the outcome. Times have changed dramatically which in turn has forced us to be more on guard than every before, but have you ever considered what your blocking? I’ve learned overtime that you cannot protect yourself from life. Life will happen to you regardless of what you attempt to block out. Often times when resisting life it puts us in a position where we are denying some of our greatest opportunities all because we’re afraid of the outcome. 

I feel as though today’s subject is a tad bit contradictory considering the fact we spoke on guarding our hearts last weekend. I decided to touch on this topic today because one of my good friends spoke on being afraid of never not being in control of every situation. I realized as she said this I’ve created a bit of a control factor myself all in an effort to protect myself from all of the things that I think to happen, but have yet to occur. If you’re mature enough you can still be open, while guarding or protecting your heart as well. Being vulnerable doesn’t mean you’re giving up your right to protect yourself. It simply means your choosing to be open to the possibility of something new, knowing and understanding the risk factors, but protecting yourself emotionally in the process. Vulnerability can be extremely scary because we open up a flood gate where ultimately we run the risk of being hurt. As a woman there is something so beautiful about being emotionally available. As a woman there is something so magical to me about being fully open and embracing my true feelings. As a woman there is something special about being soft and not always having to take the lead. There is also something extremely scary about it. In the times where me being vulnerable are most valuable I am not. 

I speak very candidly about authenticity and its importance. As a woman there is nothing more magical than your true authentic self shinning through. Vulnerability has a way of revealing who you truly are. It opens up a door for others, especially men to connect with the true you. It’s okay to not always be on defense. As a woman it’s also extremely rewarding to see a mans vulnerable side. Something that is labeled as a weakness actually has a way of showing your true intentions. The other day I realized that I never want to run the risk of blocking myself from real connections. I never want to deprive myself the of the opportunity of being open and authentic. It is scary, trust me it’s scary, but the reward is the chance to connect on a more intimate level with others without fear or restrictions. 
Your strength is in direction connection with your ability to honestly express your true feelings. The act of honest expression shows maturity and nothing close to being weak. It’s all about growth and understanding yourself enough so that you’re able to be receptive of what you desire and what you don’t desire all while still being vulnerable. When you’re open with you and aware or in tune with who you are it lessens your fears of being hurt despite your vulnerability. You’re alert. You know what to embrace and when to fold, but lack of maturity will always create situations of resistance. In a vulnerable state you run the risk of opening yourself up to a point of being hurt, but you also run the exact same risk when you walk across the street. Hurt and pain is inevitable. This is all apart of life. Being vulnerable is a risk, but your lack of vulnerability can also be extremely crippling. Don’t spend your days rejecting life’s greatest blessings in fear of the outcome. It’s okay to be vulnerable. It is okay to be authentically you. 
Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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