Self-Love Sunday: Where You Been At?

Someone reached out to me and asked, “Where you been at with the self-love Sunday post?” Of course I laughed. But, like that person, If you’ve been wondering where it’s been, simply put I needed a break. I have been working really hard on weekly content for the blog, my up coming book, work has been really busy and trying to maintain my social life. I would work a full 8 hours, come home and write something new for the blog, edit the book and pack my luggage to leave town. I was draining myself, trying my hardest to keep it moving. One day I woke up and realized that my endless dedication to the series defeats the purpose of it. I speak so much about dedicating love and time to ourselves every self-love Sunday, but here I was neglecting myself. I had been wanting to take a break from series for weeks. Actually, ever since I was in Arizona without WiFi. I had my laptop and no internet connection. I had also been fighting with the airline to ship my luggage they had lost. Every bit of me wanted to cry and give myself a break, but I couldn’t let everyone down. I wrote a full post on my phone. I didn’t give up, but a part of me posted that Sunday drained. I love you all, but at times it’s important that we honor ourselves. We ignore ourselves and our own needs for the sake of others.

I needed to stop and take a look around me. I needed to recollect and really work toward finding a balance. I still ain’t got it, but it’s getting there. I am working on developing a schedule. It may roll back in and I may decide to only post self-love Sunday post bi-weekly or once a month. At this time I don’t really know what the plan is. I just know that I am in the midst of planning a lot. I have so many things in the works and sometimes, just sometimes a sista needs a break. So now I guess the message this Sunday is for you to take a much-needed break. Don’t give too much of what you’re slowly running out of. If your encouragement is in a deficit you have to learn to give on rations or not at all. Everything that we put out into the world we have to be sure that we are giving to ourselves as much as we give to others. I just want to honor myself, work a little less and sip expensive wine with my friends. I don’t want to stop living. I do not want to just exist in this world and that is my only hope the more I continue to not honor myself. I pray you all understand where I am coming from. I am not abandoning the series, but rather taking a break to avoid abandoning myself and my own needs. Below is a list of all the Self-Love Sunday post that have been published thus far, enjoy!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.  



  1. A Dozen Roses

  2. Seeing Forgiveness For What It Truly Is

  3. Gain Power Over Your Emotions

  4. Giving Myself Time

  5. Staying Mentally Healthy

  6. The Quest To Self-Acceptance

  7. Here’s To Twenty Six

  8. Choosing You

  9. Don’t Forget To Live

  10. Leave Your Mask At Home Girl

  11. Treat Yourself

  12. The Power of Self-Reflection

  13. Check Your Security Level With Self

  14. Happiness Accountability (Free Printables Inside)

  15. A Note On Self-Love & Self-Worth By: Michelene J

  16. Comparison Is Self-Sabotage

  17. Why You Can’t Love Anyone Unless You Love Yourself

  18. Titles, False Perceptions, Reality

  19. There Is Power In Understanding There Is A Plan For Our Life

  20. Grow Where You’re Planted 

  21. Sandra Was Love

  22. Say No To Toxicity

  23. What Are You Feeding You?

  24. You’re On Assignment

  25. A Sunday Well Spent

  26. Tame Your Conscience

  27. Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

  28. Embrace Your Vulnerability


2 thoughts on “Self-Love Sunday: Where You Been At?

  1. I totally understand! You gotta take care of yourself. I type this while drinking ice tea with a sheet mask on in my bed relaxing haha. I make sure to take time out for me, I do too much to be on all the time.

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