Redefining How You View Your Purpose In Life


IMG_4408I started thinking about my purpose in life and what it truly meant. I smiled thinking about the happiness I feel when I sit down to contribute new pieces of my soul to the world through writing. I paused briefly in those moments to think about the definition of purpose. I have always been one of those individuals who’ve been curious as to how the rest of the world defines their mission in life.



The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

The deeper I dig into the word purpose and how it is defined, I simply wonder can we really limit our purpose to just one thing in life? Can we really define our purpose on this earth as finding a job that we love and being financially fulfilled? While many of us go on to be successful in our careers, wealthy entrepreneurs, successful entertainers, doctors, lawyers etc. these people in the above fields are catapulted into success in areas where they have no choice to be of service to others. Before a few weeks ago, I thought that I was put on earth to find what fed me emotionally, financially, spiritually and perfect it all. I thought that doing what I love meant that God had led me directly to what mattered most. Does doing what we love truly mean that we are living the life we are called to? Serious question and a bit of a rhetorical one since my recent findings have proved that to be half-truth.

Yes, a huge part of finding our purpose means being content and happy with what we are doing in our every day lives, but the vast majority of our purpose is how we are of service to the world around us. Take Oprah for example, she became one of the biggest talk show television host of all time. She’s still very well known as one of the richest, Black women to walk this earth and now the owner of her own network (pun intended) and she continues to grow. I stopped seeing Oprah as someone who’s just rich and beautiful a very long time ago. It was after truly paying attention to what she’s all about that I focused less on her wealth by learning to appreciate her spirit. Every day she lives her life being of service to others. She has inspired me and fed my soul on more than one occasion, so that alone leads me to believe that I cannot limit her calling on this earth to one specific thing, such as a talk show host, she’s far more.

I found that the more you see a person’s heart through their work the more evident it is that they’re walking in their purpose. This doesn’t however mean that this person limits their ways of being of service to others to one thing. When we discover the power of loving on others and giving back it becomes infectious. We find more and more purposeful ways to spread the peace we feel internally. We can work all day long until we are blue in the face. We can have all the possessions and money in the world, but we are often left with a sense of emptiness when greed becomes what feeds us. Long ago I knew that I wanted to branch out and share my gifts with the world, but it quickly became more about what I was gaining and less about what others were receiving. When I realized this terrible habit I not only corrected it, but I also began to see the significance is possessing a gift.

I had a purpose to meet the people I’ve met over the years, experience the things that I have seen. Travel to the places that I have traveled to, cried the tears that I have cried because it all led up to a greater purpose, me finding the strength to write again. I discovered peace and contentment within myself as a writer, I felt at peace, but the greater picture to it all is what provided me peace had slowly began to provide the world with hope. So you see, I can’t say that my purpose on this earth is simply to be a writer when a multitude of other purpose-filled experiences led me to manifest this vision. Why do we limit our purpose in life to just one simple thing? When in all actuality when we look back on life we’ve served many purposes throughout life that are all divinely threaded together. When I think of my purpose and its definition it isn’t too much about me being an author or a blogger anymore.

To me my soul purpose on this earth is a combination of many things. One of those main things being, learning to learn to love beyond what I know and give that love unto others as I would to myself. So the next time you feel defeated with the idea you have yet to find your purpose because you’re feeling unfulfilled financially or productively, stop to think about if what you’re so eager to achieve is something that serves solely you or is it a purpose filled mission that many can benefit from? In terms of finding your purpose, God hasn’t forgotten about leading you to it, he’s just waiting on you to discover the right reasons of wanting it so badly. Re-define what your idea of purpose filled life is. Do not let society set limitations on what you wish to achieve in life and most importantly learn that you are not limited to one thing in this life time. Stop setting limitations on your purpose in life.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed. 


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