Wendy Williams Dishes On Her Hot Topic of The Day

Hey you guys,

So if you caught the clip of the Hot Topic from Ms. Wendy Williams then you know we’re talking Russell Brand and his shocking revelation about his past relationship. Russell revealed that apart of him felt that his marriage with Katy Perry wouldn’t last long. He also stated that he pretty much hated her lifestyle as a pop star. There were very many valid points that Wendy made in regards to what may have led him to feel this way. I myself agree with the fact that Russell went into their relationship with the expectancy of Katy slowing down and dedicating more of herself to being a wife and possibly a mother. I think for a majority of us we enter in relationships with the expectancy of our partner being the ideal version of who we desire them to be. We end up heartbroken when we require those that we love to meet our unrealistic expectations opposed to loving them for who they are and meeting them halfway.

I think it’s a bit selfish on Russell’s part to go public and state that he felt that his relationship wouldn’t last, but I also feel as if it’s just him being hurt and unable to tame his ego. Men deal with their emotions completely differently than we do as women. I feel as if his shocking revelation is more so from a place or hurt and anger more than truly how he felt. There’s no way we are out here settling down and committing to people who we feel we won’t spend our lives with or are we? I also think that men shouldn’t require the women that they marry to slow up or slow down in terms of their careers after getting married. If you met me as a successful woman you should continue to support and accept me as such. I honestly believe, Russell wanted Katy to stop being the kick ass woman she is and live up to the expectations of the woman he created in his mind. Either way I wish them both happiness and healing past their broken relationship. Myself and Wendy want to know what you all think?  Give us your honest opinion and feedback on today’s Hot Topic. I also want to know have you ever experienced an ex throwing shade or slightly bashing you when the relationship ended and how did you deal with it? Have you been with a person or were you the person in the relationship wanting your partner to be different or change just because of the relationship? Were you the bitter ex? Please do share, we want to know. Looking forward to what you all have to say!

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2 thoughts on “Wendy Williams Dishes On Her Hot Topic of The Day

  1. A few things: Russell didn’t make, or even endorse, this movie. This can’t be accurately characterized as HIS vision. Years ago he started doing a documentary about the pursuit of happiness, and later he gave over creative control to the director Ondi Timoner. She decided it should be a film about him and his life. He cooperated with her filming it but when he saw the final cut he decided he didn’t feel comfortable with it and has distanced himself from it.

    This doesn’t mean whatever he says in the film is not his real words – of course he said whatever he said. But I see too many people saying things like “He’s using this as a vehicle to trash Katy!” or whatever, and really he’s not using it for anything – it’s not his movie.

    Also, I know several people who saw this film and said the footage of (and about) KP is around 5 minutes tops. It’s not the focus. He talks about how he realized at some point during that period that he had become a part of Hollywood and realized how plastic and vapid it all was. He did not say Katy herself was those things. I suppose you could say he was “shading” her by association, but really that’s pretty tame. He has a right to express whatever evolution he went through during that intense period in his life. He shouldn’t have to pretend he didn’t question his values & his lifestyle just because he was married to someone at the time who’s a public figure. Also, if you watch the clip, he’s looking at her adoringly while she says “This is stupid!” and throws a tantrum. He loved her at that time, whether he liked the celebrity lifestyle or not.

    This is really just the media trying to drum up some controversy.

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