If You’re Reading This I’m On Vacay; 4 Things I’m Looking Forward to While I’m Away

If you’re reading this…

I am somewhere bathing in the Caribbean waters, soaking in the British Baths on the island of Virgin Gorda.  I booked a flight months ago. I’ve had a few random trips since I booked this trip, I almost forgot about my departure. When I realized that the trip was approaching I couldn’t have been more relieved. I’ll be staying in St. Thomas and traveling to St. Croix and various islands throughout the U.S. and British Virgin Islands.

I plan to document as much of my trip as possible to share with you all, but please don’t be upset if I can’t find the time because I am enjoying it far too much. I live for a great girl’s trip. I’ve been so overwhelmed with work, the blog and writing my new book. I am really looking forward to escaping reality for a few days. What are somethings I am looking forward to gaining from this trip? I thought you’d never ask.

1. Clarity

I have felt so cluttered internally and scattered brained mentally. I’ve had such a difficulty making major decisions that are of importance to me. Aside from all of that, I’ve become extremely sensitive, which has caused me to develop a reoccurring case of writers block. I am desperately trying to give my all to my new book, but being a ball of indescribable, unpredictable emotions prevents that. I just want to leave feeling free. I want to come home with a feeling that my mind has been renewed. Clarity brings fresh starts. I’ve always believed with fresh starts in life success follows. Here’s to seeking and gaining clarity as I travel.

2. Awareness

I was at dinner for one of my best friend’s birthday and he mentioned how me cancelling on him often hurts his feelings. I have a tendency to be too self-absorbed with my own life. I often make plans, cancelling them because other things came up. While it sounds normal, I do things like this with no real awareness of how that makes the people in my life feel. I need to learn to be more aware of self as well as others. I have to learn to understand that my lack of awareness causes poor judgement at times. My poor judgement and spontaneous decisions often affect others in a negative way. Cheers to gaining self-awareness, as well as awareness being sensitive to the feelings of the people I love.

3. Oneness with God/Spiritual Enlightening

I always have loved flying. People think I am crazy when I tell them flying is my favorite place to be alone with my thoughts and talk to God. I mean think about it, you’re suspended thousands of feet in the skies that not only God created, but where he lives. I feel that in a plane is where I am closest to him. I just feel so free when flying. I have spent whole flights just praying and having one on one conversations with God. After watching Oprah’s “Belief” I feel like every day I am in search of falling deeper and deeper in love with my creator.  I thrive off of my relationship with God. I can only grow at the capacity of my relationship with Him. Here’s to gaining spiritual growth and being one on one with the man up above.

4. Bonding With My Friends

God has truly blessed me lately. I prayed for stronger connections with women who are like minded and achieving the same goals in life. While every friend in my life isn’t new, the bonds I’ve made over the last year or two have been super beneficial to my personal life. I feel like I’ve grown as a woman. I’ve also started to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to be a true friend. Growing up I was always bullied so it’s always been extremely difficult for me to open up to others and make friends out of fear of them hurting me in some way. I’ve learned that to build great friendships you first have to work on becoming a great friend. I started by being a better friend to myself first and all else followed. I am really looking forward to laughter, love and building stronger bonds with the women in my life.

Any of you all have travel plans soon? If so what are you looking forward to about your upcoming trip? I wanted to encourage you all to travel with purpose. Travel shouldn’t ever just be about going places to say you did it. When you travel you should go into the trip with the expectancy to return home a better version of yourself. No matter how far or wide you travel, when away from home always travel with purpose. Spreading light and love. Until next week, when me and my tan lines return. 🙂

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


12 thoughts on “If You’re Reading This I’m On Vacay; 4 Things I’m Looking Forward to While I’m Away

  1. Enjoy your vacay. I love travelling as well, its my aim to visit one foreign country every year. With every trip I try to learn one trait about myself, cant wait for my next trip to Ireland late 2016

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