The Problem With Settling

“The problem with settling is… You drown in the possibility of what something or someone could be. You’re slowly killing the chance of attracting what you really want by settling for what is good enough for right now.” – AJ 


When you settle you miss out on what you truly want. You deprive yourself of all that you truly deserve for the sake of what feels good in the moment. What happens when that goes stale? You’re full of what if’s and regrets about the decisions you should have made. The problem with settling is, you give up your rights to fall headfirst into what makes you truly happy. You’re so eager to feel something that you settle for what’s there for the time being in order to fill a void. The problem with settling is, you start to diminish the little trust you do have in yourself. You begin to question the choices you make that you know are right, but you’re constantly battling going against those choices  due to your fear of missing out. The problem with settling is, you’re never truly fucking happy. You deserve every ounce of happiness that is on reserve for you, but your fear of waiting and allowing it to find you will deplete your happiness by the tons. It’s common for us to not be at peace with our current situation. We go seeking what we feel we need instead of letting it all manifest naturally. I find that in the moments we accept the bare minimum it is because we are so eager to be satisfied in the moment that anything replicating what’s real will do for now. Do not be so anxious for what looks or feels good in the moment. We reach a point where we are jilted based off of false perceptions or desiring the idea more than the overall situation. Life gets messy. And when my life is messy and my imperfections are on full display, I want to know that I can rely on stability to hold me down when life gets rough. When we settle we aren’t always promised stability or longevity.

The biggest problem with settling? We want to do everything on our own time at our own pace. We want it to work on our terms opposed to allowing God to work in our lives. We want instantaneous gratification to feed our selfish, fleshly desires and overgrown egos. Sometimes we have to concentrate on being spirit lead and not allowing our flesh to led us to places we don’t need to be. Do we truly want what’s real? I made the choice long ago to stop accepting who or what was partially right for me. Stop accepting second best and this is not just in terms of relationships, in every area of your life STOP SETTLING!!! Do not be in such of rush that you accept anything that is only halfway good for you. Do not be in such of rush that you’re miserable, pretending that everything is okay. Take your time in life. Grow where you are planted. Most importantly, give everything time to develop, including you. It happens often, our biggest emotional investments become disappointments and while everything in life is a learning experience, we can save ourselves a lot of hurt from disappointment by being wise. Discernment and pacing ourselves is the key to not settling for anything or anyone that does not deserve us. Settling derives from fear based emotions. It’s either we fear that we are letting a good thing pass us by or if we don’t jump headfirst into what we are presented with we may never come across anything else like it. Sometimes the test is to walk away. Sometimes the test is what you refuse to say yes to. Fear based actions cloud our better judgment. It allows us to accept what appears is good for us before we truly know if it or it isn’t. You do not have to say yes to everything you’re presented with. Take time to discern if what you’re presented with is truly for you. Be lead by God… Allow Him to give you guidance. Because, the problem with settling is, we are constantly drowning in misery because our inability to wait drove us to accept what looked right for the moment.


 Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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