Self-Love Sunday: 5 Things Self-Love Taught Me In 2015

“It’s a fulfilling feeling when you start doing for yourself what you always wanted to receive from someone else. Buy yourself those flowers. Take yourself to that movie. Being comfortable being a single woman and wanting to be a single woman are not the same thing, in case that wasn’t clear.” – Morgan Pitts (Founder of #BlackGirlsWhoBlog

IMG_4005For those of you who are unfamiliar, Self-Love Sunday began on a beautiful Sunday afternoon on January 11th, 2015. The series was inspired by the above quote which was actually a series of tweet(s) from Morgan. As time pressed forward, you all had begun to take a serious liking to the self-love pieces. The saying “a lot can happen in a year” really lived up to its word in 2015. In all honesty, I don’t begin anything with expectancy of a certain outcome. I always go into everything creating what makes me feel good. It is always the things that are true to us that end up being a refuge for others. Now as I sit and reflect on January 11th and how beautiful of a day it was that Sunday, I realize the purpose it served then. I remember how I felt that Sunday. I felt at ease. I felt a calming sense of peace. I felt my love for myself awakening to a deeper level. I set out on this journey to inspire you all to continuously love yourselves, I hadn’t truly realized that I was feeding myself all that I needed along the way as well. This series has taught me so much over the last year starting with:

Being Unapologetically Me:

These are the thoughts of a woman who is utterly unconcerned about appearing to exude perfection. I just desire to have the best life that works for me. I want real, not falsely created or fabricated.” – Amber Janae

If Self-Love Sunday hasn’t taught me anything, it’s taught me the power of remaining true to myself. I had begun to really be unapologetic about how I felt. The more I grew in love with me, the more I wasn’t sorry about what I refused to tolerate. My love for myself created so much strength and I will forever be grateful for that.

God Is Always Near:

I think I’ve openly told you all that every Self-Love Sunday post that was personally written by me was never pre-written. I write whatever is on my heart or mind on Sunday morning. A lot of the pieces were inspired after or before church. I always felt that God placed certain things on my heart to put out into the world. Not one Sunday went by that at least two of you didn’t come forth and say it was everything you needed to read in that very moment. Self-love Sunday solidified that God is always near and dwells within a lot of us to draw others closer to live in his likeness and experience the love that he has for us.

Not everyone will know how to love you, but there will that one who understands the requirements to love your complexities unconditionally.” – Amber Janae

Loving Me Meant Understanding That Everyone Doesn’t Deserve Access to My Personal Space:

Self-love this year taught me to be very well guarded in terms of who I granted access to. It awoke my discernment by the trillions. I was very aware of people’s energy. I was in full understanding that not everyone will meet my requirements to be a part of my life and that is perfectly okay. A lot of people perceived it as being bitter or closed off, but I have to protect me at all cost. We cannot afford to make ourselves available to those who don’t wish to earn their spots. We cannot afford to live life lacking a real understanding of our worth and value. Knowing just how valuable you are creates a level of certainty. That certainty will prevent you from tolerating anything, slapping a cheap label on it and calling it love.

Focusing On My Troubled Areas:

As much as I’d like to be able to say that I had mastered everything that I wrote about during the series, I can’t. There were moments when I wrote about things and I spoke so clearly to myself about changes in my life that needed to occur. There were others who had featured pieces in the series and they all spoke to me deeply. You know you’re experiencing growth when you’re desiring change.

Life is about reminding you that what you need is with you every day.” – Amber Janae

Everything I Ever Needed I Had and It Was Always Enough:

Pretty much self-explanatory. I learned more and more over the course of this one year that what I possess will always feed my soul what it truly needs. There is nothing out there in someone else that you don’t already possess. A strong love for yourself will teach you that requiring others to fill you up or fill a void will always leave you running short. Your love is enough.

As we grow to honor ourselves we set the tone for everyone that we encounter. We learn that we can’t teach others to love and respect what we have yet to discover. We learn the value in being true to ourselves. Most importantly, we learn the power in loving ourselves just as God loves us. There is power in not only living in your truth and sharing your growth, but it also helps to document it all. Our words have a way of stopping time, helping us to vividly relive the moments in our lives that we cherish. This series has helped me to relive my growth this past year. I want to challenge you all to create a list of 5 or more things that you learned just by devoting more love to yourself. I also want you to go the extra mile and create a list of 6 or more things that you’d like to work on in the coming year in terms of self-love. This has been an amazing year. Our last self-love Sunday of the year and I can’t even believe it. Make it a good one. Pamper you, be true to you. X’s and O’s

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


3 thoughts on “Self-Love Sunday: 5 Things Self-Love Taught Me In 2015

    1. Yes. She honestly was that voice for me to start doing the things for me that made me feel good. I set a tone for my life and it helped so much. Thank you so much for reading and sharing xoxo

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