A List of Things I Hope To Discover in 2016

photo-1444974697963-d08509b78996I finally decided to wipe the crust from eyes that piled up from hours of lazy sleep while on vacation from work this week. I happily said goodbye to the hangovers and horrible sleep patterns. The first thing I did on 1/1/16 was put 2015 into perspective. I didn’t immediately go into the New Year trying to prove my work ethic or get things done simply because it was a New Year. I actually did the complete opposite. I reflected. I thought about all I wanted to change or to be better. I realized out of the many things I want to come of this New Year, discovery is one. When we learn that life is full of continued lessons it’s a blessing. I never want to know what it feels like to not discover new things, not just about life, but about myself. Here are a few things I hope to discover in 2016.

In 2016 I Hope to Discover: A Deeper Understanding of The Woman I presently am and The Woman I Desire to Be.

I’ve learned that woman I am in the present moments will differ significantly from the woman I am in the future. I hope to discover more of who I am in the now. What are things about me I have yet to notice, but need to change? What are things about me that I haven’t been aware of, but need to focus on showing those sides of me more? This year I am determined to discover all of me in hopes to effortlessly become who I am called to be.


In 2016 I Hope to Discover: The Job of My Dreams.

I know what feeds my soul. I know what makes me happy and that’s writing. I always pictured myself writing for a major magazine or being the next Mara Brock Akil. I was telling one of my best friends the other day, “I can’t wait to wake up, walk into my home office with coffee and work on my next big writing project for a living.” I’ve had that vision for years. Right now, I am not writing for a living, but I’ve been speaking that into existence. I’ve made it a habit to not dwell on or continuously pray for the things I’ve already asked God for. I feel that he’s heard my prayers and he’s working it all out in my favor. In 2016 I know that my dream job will come rolling in.


In 2016 I Hope to Discover: What I Truly Want From Love.

I spent the last several years running from love or any type of romantic attachment. I knew that I wasn’t quite ready to pursue anything real or long term. Then there was a point that I was confused. What is it that I truly want? Am I only accepting certain things because it seems like the right thing to do or am I accepting them because it is what makes me truly happy? I had run into a wall. Toward the end of 2015 I started to release any reservations on what I thought love should be. I made a promise to myself to commit to discovering what I truly wanted from love. I want to not live life defining love as some type of choir or requirement. I want to grow to love romantically again because it feels good, not because of peer pressure or feeling like my biological clock is ticking. Here’s to discovering what I truly desire from love in 2016.

In 2016 I Hope to Discover: A Stronger Passion for Writing and to Step Out of My Shell.

I want to grow to never know what it feels like to procrastinate on what I love. Sometimes being a writer is difficult. You aren’t always inspired to write. You will not always have fire content for your blog and that is okay, I guess. I feel like the stronger my love becomes for my passion, the less I feel threatened by my lack of creativity flowing on certain days. I also have to discover the art of stepping out of my shell. I’ve been sheltered for so many years. I’ve stayed closed off to the world. This is my year for growth and prosperity. In order to receive it all I have to be willing to release the habit of staying constrained to my old self. The old me believed in comfort zones. The old me believed in staying locked in chains constrained by bondage. 2016 is my year to break free of it all.

What are a list of things that you all hope to discover about yourself this year? Please share. Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


3 thoughts on “A List of Things I Hope To Discover in 2016

  1. I hope to discover in 2016 the bases for becoming an entrepreneur. I also hope to discover whatever it is that my blog may be lacking.
    This post has my mind wandering now. Lol

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