My Do’s and Don’ts For Living Your Best Life

photo-1445633883498-7f9922d37a3fThere is no time like the present to begin living your best life now. When I think of living my best life I try to really consider what that consist of. I focus on eliminating anything superficial or equating material possessions as a means to my happiness. I always say that I want to have the feeling that with or without everything I possess or own I am still blessed. It is said that the majority of the people with everything are some of the unhappiest people on earth. I want to know that should I experience a loss of any kind I still feel blessed and divinely favored. Let’s focus on living our best lives now. Here’s a list of my top do’s and don’ts for living your best life.


DON’T: Seek to Be Perfect.

Seeking perfection is a silent killer. Allow yourself room to make mistakes. We are human. You stress yourself out attempting to be perfect 24/7. Concentrate on being great imperfectly.

DO: Manage Your Finances.

The best way to live your worst life is to not have control over your finances. Having control isn’t always about saving. While saving is a huge part, another part of that is spending money on things to please others opposed to doing it because you really love it or want to. The easiest way to drain your bank account is to invest in things that don’t really matter to. Focus on investing in things of importance. Set up a savings and make moves on your own time, at your own pace.

DO: Everything That Makes YOU happy.

Yes, we often forget to live for ourselves. The other night my friend called and asked did I want to attend a party with them. I had just gotten out of the shower and lit my candles. As bad as I wanted to be with my friends, I chose to do what made me happy and that was lie around and be lazy. Doing what makes us happy is an important key to living our best lives. We are teaching ourselves to not always be people pleasers or so receptive of what makes others happy.

DON’T: Live in Comparison.

Comparison is a also silent killer. We can focus on where we are currently or we can overwhelm ourselves wondering why we aren’t where he/she is at the present moment. Look around, where you are now is exactly where God wants you to be. Living in comparison is telling God that you don’t trust him. Death to comparing our lives to others.

DO: Celebrate Your Life and Accomplishments.

Everything that has ever jilted you. Every accomplishment that has ever made you feel successful. Every moment that has ever lifted your spirits and set your soul ablaze in a positive way, celebrate that.

DO: Travel More.

Get out and see the world. It’s affordable ways to travel. Get out of your comfort zone!

DON’T: Shelter Yourself.

You can stay in your shell or you can break free and make genuine connections with awesome individuals. I was once afraid to open myself up to new people. I am very grateful to have overcome that fear because I can’t see life without the ones that I love.

DO: Embrace All of Who You Are.

This means loving your body and every part of it. This means staying true to who you are internally and spiritually. Do not seek to alter any pieces of you to better satisfy someone else. You are a blessing to this world. Your uniqueness is a gift that you should treasure.

DON’T: Settle.

EVER. In love, your career, home life, NOTHING. There is nothing more detrimental to living your best life than settling for what makes you happy in the moment. Settling for less means it’s good for right now, but in order to live your best life you have to begin thinking long term. Settling is for the birds.

DO: Commit to Being Healthy.

There is nothing worse than being unhealthy. There are many of us who look great, but are in the worse shape of our lives. Focus on getting frequent checkups to ensure your body is in good health. Nurture your body for it is your temple so treat it as such.

DON’T: Not Seek to Grow With God Daily.

God is our savior. God is our protector. God is the foundation for everything flowing through our bodies and life. Are you growing in him? Are you focused on living a life that is satisfactory in his eyes? Are you growing in him and encouraging those around you to do the same? The main key to successfully living your best life is GOD. Do you know him and spend time with him daily?

Here’s to seeking our best lives daily. Growing into who we are called to be and living in the likeness of our lord and savior. How are you committing to living your best life?


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


2 thoughts on “My Do’s and Don’ts For Living Your Best Life

  1. This is a great list! I would completely agree – perfectionism and comparing yourself to others are extremely detrimental to happiness. I used to have a terrible habit of constantly comparing myself to others. But like you said, we are right where God wants us to be and we all have a purpose that we can only fulfill by being ourselves. Thanks for writing this post!

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