Why It Pays to Crave Focus

image.jpegI lay in bed with one arm over my head and the other clinching my dimly lit phone. Wondering what the hell happened to the time I thought I had. The day had flown by. After countless hours of running around like crazy at work, I had lost track of time. After work I stopped at the mall to get a new jacket because El Nino came through my life like a flood. (Pun Intended) I leave the mall only to be stuck in bumper to bumper traffic because of the very storm I went to the store to get a jacket for caused accidents. I got home and immediately felt anxious. The stress was creeping up and it was at an all-time high.

So that was how I ended up here, in my bed, lying there stiff with one arm over my head and the other clinching my dimly lit iPhone. I was over it! Emphasis on OVER IT! A lump was creeping up in my throat because emails and tweets continued to come through and I didn’t have the capacity to respond to anything. I was mentally and most importantly physically drained. A single tear rolled down the side of my cheek, then is when I knew I needed to pray and talk to God. I prayed long and hard. I asked for guidance. I prayed for peace internally. I knew in my heart that I was unorganized. I knew in my heart that I was having a serious case of scatter brain. I knew in my heart that I was this close *pinches thumb and index finger together closely* to losing my shit.

It was my fault. I only have me to blame. I haven’t been properly prioritizing my life. I can blame it on the fact that the holiday season played a huge roll or I can blame it on the 3 day hangover after partying with the best on Christmas night. You see what I am saying? I live my life to the fullest and then I later regret it. I give myself a guilt trip for doing the things I need to do like live my life. You have to have a little fun. You have to enjoy this thing called life, but you also have to have a healthy balance so that you aren’t suffocating yourself. This is when I learned a new word. Well not necessarily learned a new word, but one came to mind that meant more to me than ever before. FOCUS! I lacked focus.

I desperately needed to focus. It’s amazing what focus can do in your life. It’s amazing how things shift when you focus on prioritizing life opposed to dissecting it and picking it apart. If I committed to focus than I would be good. After I had this huge AHA moment, I tapped into my nightly bible plan readings. Ironically, all of them focused on focus, prioritizing life in order to use our time wisely in a way that we are satisfying God. There it was. God had just given me exactly what I asked for. He didn’t bless me right away with focus, but he let me in on the tools that I needed to successfully reach this goal. So here I am, letting you all know that the word for 2016 is FOCUS!

F is for Follow Through. Don’t commit to something you don’t have time for. Don’t make plans or schedule something, miss it and don’t follow up. Don’t start what you can’t finish. Just follow through!

O is for optimism. You have to be optimistic. You have to know that your vision won’t always be aligned with God’s and that is the most important key in life. This is his masterpiece, not ours. Being optimistic about life releases the desire to be negative. Let’s try that!

C is for Coffee. You’ll need hell of it for your late nights and early mornings. Grab a cup and get to work!

U is for Underestimate. Don’t underestimate the power of God. Never underestimate your abilities and all that you’re capable of. And, certainly never underestimate the power of the Glo Up’ we all have our moments and it’s certain to come.

S is for Stability. S was going to be for strive, but I had to retract that. Whatever it is that we strive for in life stability should be included. You don’t want anything unstable, unreliable or unpromising. You want stability in every area of your life.

And remember, regardless of what you do, always remain FOCUSED!

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


7 thoughts on “Why It Pays to Crave Focus

    1. Yes… It’s always really hard to get focused and stay on track. A few things that I do is I make notes of all the things I’d like to blog about. When I have the time I refer back to those notes and I am inspired to get started on creating new content. The first step really is getting organized and you get organized by finding balance within your days. Follow up and follow through girl, you got this!

  1. Love this post Amber and the detailed story. FOCUS is needed daily. I had this word as a screensaver on my phone for months before the new year as a sweet reminder. It’s truly the key to progression in all areas of life.

    1. Jasmine,

      Thanks so much. I am slowly starting to find a balance and regaining my focus. You’re so right tho, if we want to progress there has to be a large level of focus or else we are unorganized and all over the place. Thank you again for reading. xoxo

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