Life is Less of A Blur When We Let God Lead

photo-1430329429612-babb42f88673Fabolous’s – “Drugs” blared through the car speakers as I drove down the highway. It was foggy out, but in reality life felt just as foggy as the morning skies. Just a few hours prior I was up tossing and turning because unfortunate circumstances had me questioning life and its occurrences. You ever have something in life happen to you and you’re instantly angry with God? In your mind you’re talking to him asking him why he didn’t warn you? Why didn’t he send a red flag down? He could have texted you or something. That was me. I was so confused as to why God sent me down a certain road. “Why didn’t you stop me? Why didn’t you give me a sign?” I asked God these questions, but no answer…

Weeks prior I was in bliss. Living life according to and on my terms. I was jumping ahead a little bit. The truth of the matter is, we never really know who or what is of God. Which is why discernment is so crucial. A lot of the times we experience certain situations as a test of our faith. Other times we are just too damn impatient to chill and let Him work on our behalf. So this is how I ended up driving down the road at 6:00am, in route to work, listening to the Soul Tape at ignorant levels in the fog, figuratively and literally speaking. I was in a daze. I was questioning why God didn’t save me, when the fact of the matter is, I had the ability to save myself. I was questioning all that He didn’t do when all I had to do was follow by what He always tells me. Be anxious for nothing!

The thing is…

God doesn’t want us to be anxious, but we are. God doesn’t want us to move ahead making rash decisions, but we do. God doesn’t want us trying to work things out on our own, but guess what, we do. We all have a choice. We can live life on our own terms or live life on God’s terms. What we choose to do is our business. He has always given us a choice. We can go His way or our own. And with each choice, regardless of what we choose, we are left to deal with the consequences, good, bad or indifferent. I’ve come to terms with the fact that a lot of times I think I’ve met the finish line its self-identified place of completion. Life is about exploration. Life is to be lived, not to be dissected and planned out. Life is about learning who we are internally while embracing who we are externally. Life is about learning from our life experiences, but not assuming it is the end of the world when life doesn’t go as we planned it. I say this often, but I don’t think we all understand the value in knowing that God’s plan is greater than anything we can fathom. What we are anxious for now may not be what he has aligned for us just yet. Be patient in your life pursuits beloved.

Our moments of defeat, discouragement or pure disappointment are often subtle reminders to let go and let God. Here’s a prayer that I once shared on the blog, but I think we all need to read again.

Dear God,

I ask that you protect my heart and rid my spirit of all negativity as I embark on an unknown journey entering into brand new territory daily. I pray that you give me the power to be in command of my thoughts. I ask for your hands to lift me up in the moments I feel weak or incapable of handling what life may throw my way. I know that as time moves forward you are always near me to help be my guide. For your presence I am forever grateful. Lord, I ask that you be my eyes and ears to help me see what needs to be seen and to hear what needs to be heard. I ask that you are my legs of strength to help me walk directly over any walls of adversity shall they come my way. I ask that you be the healer to any and all pain not just in my life, but in the lives of those that I love as well. Be my leader Lord, for I need you now this week and everywhere thereafter more than ever before. As we approach the end of the first month of the year, I ask that you help me close out the month strong. Be my peace, be my strength, be my protector, be my courage, be my light. I honor and serve YOU because YOU are forever worthy of my praise. I thank you now for any and all blessings you’ve prepared for me to receive. It is in your name that I pray. Amen!

May this prayer carry you all into a harmonious week and a prosperous year. I pray that God leads us all into the New Year fully equipped to accomplish every goal and every dream. I hope that you all hold your heads up high this year. Let’s make 2016 ours!!! Should anything come your way, here’s a quick prayer that you can always refer back to. Remember, it our job to live and let Him lead! God Bless…

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.



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