4 Things Cam Newton’s Loss Teaches About Chasing Success


There's nothing wrongCameron Jerrell Newton, quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and our favorite person to watch on television these days. In my case he’s my favorite handsome face to stare at. *blushes as I type* I couldn’t help but to feel saddened seeing Cam and the team take such a huge loss during Super Bowl 50. Like me, I am sure the rest of the world thought that we’d be Dab’n with Cam and the team as we celebrated a big win. While it’s devastating and extremely disappointing to put your all into something and the outcome isn’t what you expected it to be, you have to learn to not let every unsuccessful situation overtake you. We love Cam. I know for a fact that we’ve all been in the position he’s in before. While we have all been here, seeing Cam not take home a win served as so many reminders for me. Here’s a few lessons we can take away from Cam and his devastating loss.


No Matter What Happens Always Be Resilient:

Cam’s run to the Super Bowl has been one filled with very much skepticism and criticism. It’s been amazing to watch him persevere despite his critics and all the nay-sayers. Just like Cam it is important that we all learn to be resilient in our everyday lives, especially in terms of chasing our dreams. When attempting to reach a goal there will be people who doubt you. There will be people who label you poorly, mistreat you, misuse you and forsake you. No matter what cards you’re dealt, always be resilient. Always continue to fight for whatever you want without ever considering the outcome. Had Cam feared losing in the Super Bowl do you think he would have worked so hard to make it to this point? Be resilient on your journey to success forget what the outcome may look like.

Our Best Wins Are Often Offset By Failure:

When we feel like we’ve lost it can be extremely devastating. I’ve struggled and failed enough to know that what looks like a loss and could quite possibly feel like a loss isn’t always what it seems. God always has a way of setting us up for victory even in the midst of what appears to be failure. Are minor setbacks are always set ups for a MAJOR comeback!

Failure Is Our Greatest Teacher and Motivator:

Watching Cam Lose the big game was disappointing, but I was more than confident in his abilities to work harder and better than ever to come back stronger next season. I am sure if he hasn’t already started he will soon begin reevaluating his entire season coming up with new strategies on how to be better in the coming year. Our moments of defeat will only keep us down if we let them. What doesn’t kill us teaches us the importance of getting back up and trying again, even in the most difficult of times.

Success Takes Time, No Good Run Rides Straight to The Top:

There will forever be curve balls. There will forever be moments when you feel like you’ve failed yourself and everyone around you. There will be moments of tears, shame, self-doubt, guilt and constantly questioning your ability. The key to overcoming it is knowing that it’s momentary. Life is a journey. And if you’re more in tune or focused on the destination, you’re missing the powerful life lessons the journey brings along the way. Nothing worth having comes easy. True success takes time. Even in the moments we feel accomplished there is still more to learn and a long ways to go.

Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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