A Reflective State: 6 Life Lessons 26 Taught Me

IMG_0416As life begins to unfold you realize that everyday you’re awakening to a new level of self. We tend to become engulfed in a multitude of feelings over time as we grow older. Where am I going? Is this my purpose? What is my destiny? Will they be my friends forever? Will I ever meet the man or woman of my dreams? One day time stood still. It was in those moments I realized that the answers to these questions would in no way contribute to me living my best life now. How can the answers to the future help us with the present? It simply cannot. When time stood still I discovered this, I no longer desired to know the fate of what was to come. I only cared for the present. I wallowed in the priceless, irreplaceable moments of right now. Eventually we stop living for the world and start living for ourselves.

We grow older and discover the deepest most tantalizing parts of ourselves. It then creates a pattern of us constantly seeking ways to grow, be a better version of ourselves all while understanding that life is about the now. Our days are numbered whether we want to accept it or not. You can waste them trying to figure it all out or you can simply cultivate a life that allows you to live freely and at peace. Gone are the days that I live vicariously through others. As I step into another year of life on God’s green earth I am finally at a place of peace in the present. Where I only desire to paint the canvas of my life with reality. Stories and states of minds that are a true depiction of who I am as a woman. This is me. This is my life. I don’t care if you take it or leave it because it’s a story of my own that will continue to manifest or bloom with or without you. Stepping into 27 I looked back on 26 and realized that the year I am bitter sweetly leaving behind taught me some really valuable lesson about life.


1. You Are The Master of Your Happiness:

Our biggest failure in life is leaving the fate of our own happiness in someone else’s hands. You have the power to control and release whatever does not serve you well. If others possess the ability to control your happiness it is time to reevaluate the control you have over your very own life.

2. Living for Material Gain and Status Will Always Hinder You:

It’s no secret. It’s so clear. I crave peace. I crave real happiness and nothing superficial. I ask myself often “If you had to start over in a place where no one knew you would you be happy with you?” I do self-check often. I am making sure that I am not trying to live a life that is beyond my means and more importantly that I am not equating success to possessions or titles and accolades.


3. Live A Life Love Driven:

To revel in hate is to not know God. I’ve chosen to do only what is deeply rooted in love. If it is difficult for me to love it or them or they/it doesn’t reciprocate the same love I give than I have no space for it in my life.

4. You Get What You Put Out Into The World:

Life is karmic. There is absolutely no way to do good deeds and it not come back to you in other forms. It is also important that we are focusing on doing things out of the kindness of our hearts and not living in expectancy to receive just because we’ve given to someone else. The goal is to be mindful that just as there is good Karma there is also bad. We may not receive what we are given the same way, but we are always repaid for our actions whether they be good or bad.

5. It’ll Happen When It’s Meant to Happen:

I no longer live for the future. It does me no good to know what will happen in my life and at what time. I simply live with faith that the desires of my heart will soon come to fruition.


6. Complacency is a Silent Killer:  

Living a life of discomfort or dissatisfaction is a disservice to not only ourselves, but to God. I’ve learned that when I lack a sense of happiness about the direction of my life I am not living the life God has destined for me to live. We are always in perfect peace and harmony when living through and for Him. Complacency kills us. It creates a dark cloud over us that literally darkens our spirit. A darkened spirit is one that is dead. The goal is to avoid complacency and focus on living our best lives now.

Here’s to another year on earth. Another year of growth. Another year of living a purposeful, love driven life. Another year to make each day a better day than yesterday. #HeresToTwentySeven


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


8 thoughts on “A Reflective State: 6 Life Lessons 26 Taught Me

  1. Nice post and list. #5 especially spoke to me. Sometimes I have difficulty shaking off the feeling of fear or impatience by what seems to take forever. Living in the present takes a lot of concentration, but is so worth it.

    1. Hi Dagny,

      I think fear is common for all of us. It’s how long we let it hold us back is the real test. Living in the present just allows us to be free with the flow of life and not stress on what is to come or what hasn’t come yet. I hope you’re having an amazing week. xoxo

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