Whoisamberjanae Talks Success and Being A CEO with Kiersten of Kindred Communications

Kiersten Kindred Prof Headshot jpgI knew I wanted to begin highlighting women who are doing major things and empowering the world while doing so. Over time it was something that I constantly thought about, but it never manifested. Eventually what I desired to do kind of just unfolded on it’s own. Women Empowering The World Through Success will highlight powerful women all over the world who work hard while inspiring us all one achievement at a time. When Kiersten and I first met we instantly clicked. Establishing a connection online simply from being two driven Black women who had a vision. She and I had a lot in common, but what I admired most about Kiersten was her take charge attitude. When she reached out to me and asked me to be a part of her very first conference I had no choice but to say yes. Here at whoisamberjanae. We focus on building a platform that allows women to openly empower and encourage women all over the world to become the best version of themselves. It is our mission to spread the importance of self-development, self-love and most importantly hard work. It is women like Kiersten who help us to successfully achieve our mission simply by being a contribution to what we believe in as a brand. I had the chance to interview the brains behind the brand. Check out my interview with Kiersten of Kindred Communications below:


WAMJ: Tell our readers here at whoisamberjanae.com a little bit about yourself.

KK:  My name is Kiersten Kindred and I am an Author, CEO and Conference Producer. My career journey started when I decided to major in Mass Communications at Sam Houston State University.  I was always interested in communications and everything that you can do with it. Once I graduated, I went after my career aggressively, sometimes working three jobs at once to be able to learn quickly about my industry and gain knowledge.

I combined my knowledge and love for communications, marketing, and branding to create my full service communications firm, Kindred Communications, in the summer of 2013.


WAMJ: What was the inspiration behind creating the BAC conference?

KK:  When I wrote and published my book, “Five Steps to Marketing Success: A Small Business Guide,” last year, I noticed how many resources and tools businesses needed to succeed. I could not find an environment for business and brands to learn everything they needed to take their business to the next level; so I decided to create one. That is how the Business Advancement Conference was born.


WAMJ: What Are 3 things you’d say you’re looking forward to being the brains behind your very first conference?

KK:  I am looking forward to everyone learning from the wonderful speakers I have lined up. My speakers come from various industries and backgrounds; I think that diversity will be well received at the conference.

I am also looking forward to everyone building new relationships within the community. The great component about this conference is that it is comprehensive, diverse and dynamic; attendees will meet and make great connections at the conference.

Lastly, I really am excited to meet everyone. I appreciate all the support I have seen thus far!

BAC-AdSocialMedia (1)

WAMJ: Tell us 2 MAJOR obstacles you’ve faced with getting the conference together and how did you overcome them?

KK: I would say one of the major obstacles I have faced was people not getting over my age and having to prove myself; I even had one person ask me, “How old are you? What qualifies you to put on such a conference?”  It is really laughable because age does not matter nowadays. My resume and knowledge speaks for itself and I do not feel the need to always prove myself, constantly. I used to always explain myself and explain why I am qualified, but now I don’t because that is their problem, not mine. They may view my LinkedIn account or Google me (LOL).

As a millennial minority businesswoman, I understand the struggles that come with having to prove yourself constantly, unfortunately, but I’m always up for the battle because I know I will win the war.

WAMJ: What advice can you give others who are seeking to branch out into the world of entrepreneurship?

KK:  If you have a vision in your heart or cannot find what you are in search for, pray about it, take a leap of faith, and create it.  The universe will align and conspire with your thoughts and help you along the way.


WAMJ: Share with us all deets on how to attend the conference and ways that we can connect with you via social media.


KK:  The Business Advancement Conference is definitely a conference you don’t want to miss! To register, visit BacHouston.com! Keep up with me at KierstenKindred.com, connect with me on LinkedIn: Kiersten Kindred and tweet me @kcfirm.



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