Get To Know Tina Brown CEO of Tina Brown Productions

tina brownWe all know that we have to work to be successful more than we want success right? When Tina Brown, CEO of Tina Brown Productions set out to transform her life she knew that it would take much more than simply wanting to get to where she desired in life. After years of living a life that just wasn’t self-satisfying, Tina chose to take matters into her own hand. Being no stranger to hard work and survival, she’s worked hard to establish herself by starting her own full-service production company. If there is one thing that we value here at its women who seek personal development and growth.

This spring I’ll have the opportunity and pleasure to attend My Sister’s Keeper Expo which focuses on women empowerment. This particular event will be Tina’s first big conference and will feature an amazing line up of guest speakers and panelist. We all know from our own personal journey how challenging it can be to have a vision along with the hard work it takes to make that vision come to life. But it is always so rewarding to watch your vision unfold right before your eyes. Having the pleasure to speak one on one with Tina was very encouraging. I felt like I was chatting with an old friend, catching up on life. She and I spoke about her upcoming event and all that went into making My Sisters Keeper Expo come to life.

WIAJ: What is the “My Sister’s Keeper Expo?”

TB: “My Sister’s Keeper Expo is an event which is solely about empowering women. The events overall focus will be entrepreneurship, women empowerment, health & beauty, financial wellness and more.”

WIAJ: What inspired you to put this expo together?

TB:A few years ago I made the decision that I wanted to become a better version of myself and the way to do that was through my business.” Says Tina “l was grateful enough to meet and come into contact with all of the women who are a part of the expo. Over the years they’ve all played a major role in me becoming the woman that I am today.

WIAJ:  Would you say that production and event planning has always been a passion of yours?

TB:I’ve always had a passion for the entertainment business.  Entertainment and production has been something that has always fascinated me. After a meeting with a friend and mentor Reggie Scott, I knew that production was an avenue I wanted to pursue.”

When I asked Tina what has been some of her biggest obstacles and what she’s learned from those obstacles? She laughed before responding. But answered very honestly with a struggle we all know too well.

TB:Finances. Financial obstacles have been my biggest issue. Getting the funding to build the production company overall. I’ve learned to plan more and save more. I also learned to not be afraid to reach out for help when I need it. A huge part of this business is helping each other when we need it, which is why I am grateful for meeting Dorinda Walker of Prudential Financial who believed in my vision and who is also a proud sponsor of My Sisters Keeper.”

WIAJ:  What great value or lesson learned about life do you hope to instill in other women?

TB: “Trust God. I am not sure if that’s something that most people want to hear, but trust in God. And always believe in yourself. I think I am my own worst critic you have to not fear and think negatively about yourself. Also, you have to also always surround yourself with positive people who believe in you and your vision just as much as you do.”


WIAJ:  You have so many amazing guest and speakers attending the expo. How difficult is it plan an event of this magnitude?

TB: “It wasn’t a struggle at all. Like I said, these are women who thankfully I had the chance to meet when I was just starting out myself. All of these women willingly poured into me which helped me become who I am today. They were more than willing to be apart of it all and that is a blessing.”

WIAJ:  As the CEO what are two major things you’re hoping all of the attendees take away from the Expo?

TB: “I want for all of the attendees to walk away with knowledge, wisdom and belief that can do whatever they desire in life. Everyone has a different path or goal in life. I want them all to walk away feeling like that have whatever is they may need to work on making their vision come to life. I want all of our guest to walk away more than empowered to pursue their life’s vision.”

WIAJ:  What advice can you give those of us who are seeking to get into production?

TB: “Start at the bottom. Unless you have some sort of connection and it’s easy for you to get an instant jump start, start from the bottom. Starting from the bottom and learning from the ground up is what helped me because I learned by doing the work, nothing came easy. I volunteered myself and my time for years before opportunities that I was volunteering for became paid ones. Volunteer and put in the work. Do what you have to do because nothing good and worth having comes easy.

The My Sisters Keeper Expo will be held in San Francisco, CA  on April 15th– 16th at the Marriot Marquis. For more information on the Expo including guest speakers, hosts, panelist and purchasing tickets visit:


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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