Work Life Balance and How to Find It

“Be intentional about your pursuit to live a healthy, well balanced life.” – AJ 

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This year kicked into full gear without my permission. I am the least bit overwhelmed. I am just extremely grateful for all that God has blessed me with. So what has been up since January? I started my new year off with a trip to New York. It was a spontaneous, spur of the moment thing that actually helped to bring clarity into my life. I’ve been kicking a** and taking names in my day job. (Figuratively speaking of course.) Life as a marketing specialist is in full swing and I really cannot complain. I am writing for multiple blogs and running far too many Twitter and Instagram accounts to keep track of ahaha. I’ve also taken on a few freelance jobs on the side. Started an internship in March that I love. I mean you name it, it’s happened and it all just keeps happening. With that said, most days I am in search of balance. I can spend 8 hours or more in the office easy, but when I get home all I want to do is shower and watch Moesha re-runs. It’s important that we’re implementing a healthy routine in our everyday lives. Balance is key. So how does one successfully establish a healthy work life balance?

Practice Time Management

I am on time for everything. If I am late everyone automatically knows that something is wrong. How you start your day is the ultimate reflection of how your day flows. Starting your day late means you’re at work later. Late nights in the office often mean that by the time you get home you’ll be too drained to want to do anything. Change your morning routine change your life. I shared some tips on how to get a successful morning routine going. To read that post click HERE.

Know When to Say No to the Turn-up

I am the Queen of FOMO. I fear I’ll miss out on major life events all the time. I fear every time I am not around my friends, they’re bonding and getting closer without me. Our FOMO is what gets us into trouble. Not being able to stray away from the turn-up means we’re spending more time on what satisfies us in the moment opposed to focusing on the long term. Don’t get caught up in or lost in having fun. The fun will be there. Put your priorities first and the rest will follow.


Don’t Always Be So Quick to Say Yes

I will take on more than I can and later find myself complaining about being tired from being too busy. Sometimes I have to remind myself to say no. Actually it is healthy to say no. We get so focused on being the one to take on new task to please others that we don’t think of the effects of constantly working without anytime to ourselves. You have to take time to recharge. Being overworked is never a good thing. Don’t be afraid to say no sometimes.


I am telling myself this more that I am telling you this. I get lost in my social media feeds every day. I don’t know why I get so damn consumed with what is online, but I just do. From what I hear I am not alone in this, but some days it feels like it. I literally have had to learn to pry myself away and unplug to get things done. It’s not always good to be connected while outside of work. We have to learn to live and enjoy our experiences verses living to capture the moment. I am getting better about not Tweeting at work, but I do it for living so I guess I get a pass. It’s been a struggle of mine to unplug. I am sure it’s been a struggle for you as well. To get that work life balance in you have to learn to power it down and get focused.

What are some of the things you’re doing to ensure you’re consistent with balancing work and life? Do share.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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