It’s Time

So, the other night I was watching the movie Belly for the millionth time. Lately, I’ve been really anxious to get to Africa. There is something that is just calling me there and I can’t explain why. Anyways, whenever I think about traveling to Africa I love watching Belly. In the movie, Sincere who is played by Hip Hop Icon, Nasir Jones travels with his family to Africa after giving up his life of crime. Not that I’ve ever lived a life of crime, but I relate to the character on so many levels. I’ve had that feeling of being frustrated with doing things my own way, living life on my own terms, lacking knowledge and understanding. There is no greater feeling when you awake from a deep sleep and choose a different path, the right path. I always revert back to the movie because it inspires me. As a kid watching a film you don’t really know the significance of the message that the movie conveys. Now, watching it nearly 18 years later there is so much I take away from it. We all end and begin at a different point in our lives. Where we begin in life is hardly ever where we end up. The thing about life is, it is our choice to shape our ending. I was chatting with my co-worker yesterday and we were talking about our God-given life paths. There is always a choice for us to go our way or God’s way. We may not all view life in this way, but it’s true and we can agree or disagree on that. We often don’t realize the effects of the decisions we make. We don’t always see that our choices in life play a major role in if we’re living life according to our plan or God’s. There is always that moment where life stands still.

When God gives you the opportunity to choose. Some of us don’t always choose what is right and we are forever forced to live with the consequences of our actions and decisions. Toward the end of the film Tommy who’s played by Rapper DMX is working as a government informant. In order to not face jail time he’s agreed to become affiliated with a minister and his organization to assist with his assassination. The minister in that film is Benjamin Chavis. Chavis, who in real life is a known civil rights leader who worked very closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. In the film Chavis was set to give a speech on New Year’s Day 2000 just after 12am. It was Tommy’s responsibility to murder him before he was able to give his speech. I re-watch the minister speak to DMX’s character in this scene over and over because his words are so relevant today. It is the minister’s words that ultimately end up saving his own life, but also saving Tommy’s as well. We don’t always recognize that the things in life sent to steer us down the wrong path can also be our redirection to a new way of living, God’s way of living. I wanted to share with you the minister’s speech  from the movie just so you’re able to see how powerful the words are. I want us all to be inspired to make a change for the better. I want us all to consider living a life that is a reflection of God, a life based on his terms and not of our own. Please take heed to the overall message.  I pray we are all inspired.

I knew you were coming…so I sent everyone away…because I believed my final moment was at hand. Before you pull that trigger…and take my life, I would like the chance to tell you some things, perhaps to think about after I am gone. Don’t worry about me stallin’. My people have orders to leave me to my studies for another 15 minutes. I will only take five. Can you bear with me? Will you? Then make up your mind. Today marks the change of not only a New Year, but a new millennium. Take a look around. The majority of the youth roam the streets…dealing in drugs, sex and violence, thinking these things have no real effect on life. Crimes without real punishment. An uncaring, unfeeling generation…without knowledge of self. This is the future of our nation, the future of our people. Do you think hatred and evil will go unpunished? The world is now feeling the heat…from flames it has kept burning since the beginning of civilization. You represent that fire. You and I are just a small part of God’s plan. The evil men of this world have applied every method possible…to deceive its occupants. And each time with greater success than anticipated. But no more. Tonight, with this new millennium, God will begin to overcome this evil. I represent the truth…to the people. Without truth, nothing is sacred. The lie that’s what the devil is all about. You know that, that’s why you’re here. The truth is, we all play a grave role…in our own destruction. Your money. Your lifestyles. The things that people value and covet so dearly…are the bait that lures them out of the light. Through the love of others…I have power. The truth gives me this. Those that fear me send you here, here to murder all that I say. They use what you fear against you. Your fear of death, your fear of imprisonment. Where in this world is anyone safe from death? You see the lies you’ve been told? The path you take is not your own. Have you ever thought about how precious a life is? How difficult it is to create? How loosely and easily it has been for you to take away? Brother, help me. Help me to do what’s right. Help me to stop the slaughter of our children. Help me to put an end to the disrespect…and the dishonor of our most valuable resource: the black woman. Help me put an end…to the destruction of the young mind through the use of drugs, alcohol. Help me to build up a population of great thinkers. People who create change…through thoughtfulness and spirituality. Will you choose that truth? Will you? Will you choose the light over the darkness? Hold it, stay where you are. Will you choose life? It’s time. It’s time, man. It’s time.

Be Inspired Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


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