3 Cool Ways I Recharge And Refocus When I’m Feeling Unmotivated

ShayBelieve it or not, this past Monday I woke up in a funk. I just wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated. I had no idea where it all came from, but the unmotivated bug was real. Some days I just feel lifeless when it comes to writing and blogging. I have been in the business of recharging all week. Tuesday was the day for me that I assessed my feelings and why they had come about. I believe that ultimately I just need days to unplug from social media and not put so much pressure on myself. Taking that one day break really helped me. I wasn’t really active on either of my social sites. I let my brain rest and even went to bed at a reasonable hour. I dread stepping away from my blog and every time that I try to take more than a day away it doesn’t go as planned. I have learned that re-charging and regaining focus is what’s important if I plan to stay consistent in what I do. So how does what like me recharge and regain focus?

-I Unplug

I promise you, you’ll never regain focus if you’re constantly distracted. I swear I am glued to my phone 24/7 and that my friend is a gift and a curse. I really need to develop the habit of letting go and leaving my phone idle for as long as I can during the day. When I need to recharge my phone gets put on do not disturb and I ignore it. It’s just better to break away without being distracted by what’s going on in the world and not having anything, but what you have to get done on your mind.

-I Give Attention to Why I Start Feeling The Way I Feel

The majority of the time when I feel like I want to close the world out or feeling like I need a break from the “blog/writer life” I don’t know how the feelings developed at all. I just randomly have these days every couple of weeks when I want to be normal. I want to wake up go to work and not come home to work. I don’t want to feel pressured to produce more work than I have the energy to. Basically, I center in on me and not what’s around me. 75% of the time when I feel this way it’s because I’ve created unrealistic expectations for myself based on what I see going on around me. Paying attention to how you feel and why you feel that way will help you to regain focus on you and continue to be great at what you do best.

-I Do Things That Make Me Feel Good

I listen to love songs. I love listening to sappy love songs; they really make me happy and put me in the best moods. I’ll light candles and journal out my feelings and my thoughts. My favorite thing to do is take a long random drive with my favorite music playing. Anything that makes me smile and feel good is worth doing to help me recharge. When I am in good spirits it’s easy for me to focus and get back on track.

It’s not easy to keep busy when you have a list of a million and one things to do. We are all busy in our everyday lives. Very often it’s common for us to lose focus and feel unmotivated. Feeling that way is okay as long as you find effective ways to recharge, regain focus and not give up on what you love. How are you guys recharging and refocusing? I’d love to hear your strategies, leave me notes in the comment section below or shoot me an email.


Be Inspired. Be Encouraged. Be Blessed.


12 thoughts on “3 Cool Ways I Recharge And Refocus When I’m Feeling Unmotivated

  1. Omg I just went through this yesterday! Sometimes I just get the feeling that I just want to relax and not worry about social media and blogging. I’m a total victim of my phone and even as I speak I just tried to put it down 10 minutes ago! Recharging can be so hard as I feel like I’m missing some secret event if I do decide to take a hiatus but practice makes perfect.

    You’ve got some really helpful tips I’ll be sure to keeep in mind.

    1. I realized that I need to take beaks and step away more often. I felt like this last Monday and again this Monday… It a struggle, but you have to find the time to just step away and refocus. So glad this post helped you. Hope you come back and visit the site again. xoxo!

  2. I can relate to this post! One way I like to recharge is by writing in my journal and taking walks. It is so relaxing.

    1. Yes, I LOVE to light candles and write in my journal. It’s such a great way to release your thoughts and feeling. So glad you enjoy the post and thanks so much for sharing ways you recharge. I am going to start talking walks now 🙂

    1. OMG… I just can’t unplug sometimes. I was at work today so annoyed with myself that I couldn’t put the phone down. It’s like when you’re busy with work you remember all this stuff you need to do for the blog and vice versa. smh It’s such a struggle, but I am so glad that you enjoyed this post! xoxo.

  3. Great post! My go-to activity to help me relax and recharge, would definitely be listening to music — 90’s music in particular. It’s so important.

    1. YES, I am so grateful for 90’s music. Do you think about how there is a whole generation that does not know the joy of such great music? I also listen to a lot of oldies. Freddie Jackson is my favorite, I love him. Thank you for reading and sharing your recharge tips! xoxo

  4. Love this! This is also what I do often to re-charge. Sometimes I even pick up my phone and call my family so I can hear my nephews voices. It reminds me of what and who I do it for! My family. ❤ Thanks Amber Love!

  5. I can totally relate to this amazing post right now I am on the verge of starting my new blog with my own domain and seeing the work that’s cut out for me in growing it all over again makes me worry a little but one day at a time and stepping away from all gadgets s for a while does help very true on that

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